November 16, 2017
By AnyiFolkers BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
AnyiFolkers BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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In today's society, about 1.96 billion people have a social media account worldwide. Instagram alone has over 700 million viewers. On May 19th this year, BBC News published an article stating that Instagram was the worst social media site for youths mental health. Ever since February of 2017, I have not been on instagram as much. I quit Instagram all together for a while, but I kept on sharing my photos. Now, I have decided that I will not be on instagram anymore. This is because in reality, beauty is everyone's body. Whether you’re curvy, thin, short, tall or whoever you are, you are beautiful. In reality, we all want to be loved and told we are something special. But is this really the way to get people to see us? Is this the way to let people know that we drink coffee in expensive cafes with thick books and oversized glasses? Is this the way to show people that whatever we are doing we are always having fun? Is this reality, or is it what we want life to be like? We spend so much time pretending what our lives could be like when instead we could be embracing our flaws and every single emotion inside of us. Beauty can not be pushed into one definition. It is whatever you are, and whatever you choose to be. Even if the voice in our heads tell us that we aren't beautiful, gorgeous or that we aren't “good enough” we have to keep it down. The “beauty standards” on Instagram have not put just me, but many of my own friends down just because they don’t think they are pretty or good enough to impress society. I am done fretting about what posts will look good for my feed. I am done worrying about likes and comments. I am done comparing myself to others. I am done feeling awful about myself just because of this need in my head for people to see me as pretty. I don’t need to focus on what others think anymore. In order for us as a society to change, we need to acknowledge our mistakes that we have made so far. To be present in our lives, instead of being pushed into a world where everything has to be “perfect” is the skill we all need to master. Beauty and perfection are not things that we can obtain by doing things like posting on social media. There is no such thing as perfection in reality. However beauty is. We are all born with beauty. It’s just a matter of time until we realize that.

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I have seen so many people put themselves down just because of Instagram and this needs to be put to an end. 

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