If I Were Mayor

November 15, 2017
By ElizabethB912 BRONZE, Carson, California
ElizabethB912 BRONZE, Carson, California
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I look upon a city, one beholding unlimited potential. People thrive here, choosing to begin anew or continue their daily lives. With great responsibility, I would want to make my city a better place for everyone who enters its boundaries, but I would want my city to give the new generation a better chance to lead as I will.

Education has always been of utmost importance to me. It is a privilege all children should be able to have. Not all will see it as highly as I do, but if they are able to see wider horizons in life, the next generation of thinkers will be more prepared to lead and improve society altogether. I would implement more programs to help children further their understandings. Giving childre the chance to participate in sports can help them become well rounded citizens. Working n teams they will understand the importance of community and collaboration. I would improve beneficial establishments such as parks, libraries, and recreational centers to enrich the lives of the people, inspiring heathy habits. I would use my position in local government to help students understand the importance of higher education and its impact on the world.

My main goal as mayor is to brighten the lives of the young people and to help them discover that they have undeniable potential. Children must be motivated because they are the future. In order to improve the world we live in, we must change our lifestyles and implement good habits on the next generation of thinkers. Their creativity and innovation can be seen at a young age, but it is the duty of adults to see that these new minds need to be guided towards the future. As mayor, I view the young people as the most important. They need help to find a path in the world and to be able to make an impact, no matter how large or small. Each member of society can make a difference, but the young people will be able to change lives if we begin to show them that they are important at an early age.

Given the opportunities to make changes, I would focus most of my attention towards the next generation. Improvements may be short lived, but these new minds need the supplies to improve and hone their skills. Education, extracurricular activities, and support from the community can help these children advance, possibly surpassing the achievements of those before them. If I can make a difference in one child’s life, I can change the course of modern history. Helping a child better their education can mean a world of possibilities for the society of the future. Giving a child the chance to learn more about their passion can lead to a brighter career. Aiding the next generation can impact the wellbeing of the world population. Being mayor, I could give the future leaders a higher chance of making a difference and making the planet a better place for all.

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