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November 17, 2017
By safiya.kher BRONZE, Lomita, California
safiya.kher BRONZE, Lomita, California
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If I Were Mayor of My Town, Lomita, there would be many things I would change. These changes would help to improve the lives of the residents. Community members are important factors of a town, because without them there wouldn’t be a town. Taking this into account, it is vital that they are satisfied with the working and layout of their community. But if they are unhappy, they should have the confidence to voice their concern knowing that there will be a solution to the issue. Some issues I would change in the community are to fix the roads, shelter stray dogs and cats, and to increase amount of lights fixtures.

As you are driving along the roads, you may dip down and come back up with a little jump. It’s just another normal motion while driving on the roads, as the potholes are inevitable to avoid. The roads have begun to deteriorate, as they were once smooth and flat. They are now uneven, bumpy, and filled with potholes. This issue isn’t just on one particular street; instead it pertains to majority of streets. I believe as mayor, this issue would be essential to fix as it would be imperative to repave the road.  Fixing the roads would have multiple benefits to Lomita. Some positive aspects of this investment would be improving the look of the community giving it a newer and modern appearance. Another outcome would be the safety for the residents, as they would be able to drive smoothly and effortlessly down the roads. Along with the safety of community members, the impairment of cars would be reduced. Driving through potholes affects the car, especially the tires. The tires are less efficient as the rims and other parts get damaged. Repaving the roads in order to repair the potholes would benefit the members of the community and the town itself.

Walking down the streets or looking out of your house, you often see stray cats or dogs. Around the community, there are loose cats or dogs roaming around. These animals pose threat to those in the community. The animals are not trained and are vicious. Animals don’t have the proper sense of respect as they have with their owner. But on their own, the only goals they have is to survive which results in them being malicious. These animals are also harmful to community members as many get attacked or chased by them. To protect the residents, it’s vital for these animals to be sheltered in a place where  they will be taken care of and not having to survive on their own. Along with protection, these animals being place in one location would clear up the streets of our town and provide them with a stable home.

Driving down the road on a gloomy day after sunset, it is dark and extremely hard to see what is in front of you. With only a few light poles, a glimpse of a shining light will reflect into your car. This  allows you to have a quick look of your surroundings before you are enclosed into the dark, again. Driving in the night require to be extra cautious and with insufficient light it is even more difficult. Outside the car it is pitch-black and there isn’t any light allowing the driver to see what is in front of them. This is a safety hazard, as it can lead to accidents, violations of law, and running over pedestrians, bikers, or animals. To solve this issue, it is essential that we add more light fixtures along the roads. This is a crucial reform, as it would be beneficial to the residents driving before sunrise and after sunset. Also, it would make bikers visible as they are often difficult to identify. Along with bikers, it would make pedestrians be more visible and feel safer when walking around in the dark. Having an increased presence of light fixture, would give the city a more lively and bright feeling. This feeling would also give the community members a sense of safety as they would be more relaxed and comfortable doing leisure activities in the dark while having increased lighting to establish their surroundings.

All towns aren’t perfect, but what makes them successful is when there are improvements made to the current issues and the problem is taken into account. To have this system, it is important to have a close and strong relationship between the mayor and the residents of the selected area. This bond will allow for an open communication to discuss the concerns of the members of community and allows the officials to work with the residents to dispatch a solution. With a solution, the people of the town will be satisfied as the reform will be made. Their satisfaction will result in the city representatives happiness as they were able to please their residents. These improvements and reforms will lead to the growth and value of the town.Some refinements that could be made to my city, Lomita, are fixing the roads, sheltering stray dogs and cats, and increasing lights fixtures. These advancements would benefit majority of the residents, satisfy community members, improve safety conditions, and better the appearance of the city.

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