If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 14, 2017
By athenaalexiaa BRONZE, Carson, California
athenaalexiaa BRONZE, Carson, California
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In the City of Carson, there are many problems that affect our community. Some issues that we have is that people need to stop littering, quit smoking, and prevent graffiti from happening. These issues can be solved in a matter of taking better care of our area. We can start by realizing what we can do to make it better place than just leaving it with the way it is this very day. Although, there are plenty of other issues, I believe these are the main ones that we should worry about the most.

First, the City of Carson has a major issue on keeping their community clean in general. I say this because when you walk around you notice there are trash on the ground, bushes, and other places. This is bad for the environment because this can affect the pollution, the animals, the ocean, and so much more. For example, when we walk around the mall, people buy food and they leave it on their table and don’t throw it away in the trash can. This causes littering to occur and starts to make our place dirty and not welcoming. However, we can change this by beginning to pick up after ourselves. Also, we can help other people clean by volunteering and picking up litter. You can even pick up any trash that you ever pass by and put it in the trash. This is helpful because picking up one piece of trash can make a huge difference in our community.

Quitting smoking is another problem we have in our surroundings as well. People tend to do this because they think that it is cool or it relaxes them when really it affects their lungs and causes you to get lead on to a deadly disease. I don’t understand why people want to do this to themselves, but it is only causing them to ruin their body system and make them not live a healthy life. For instance, people would smoke in the car and this is dangerous. I say this because if they have their windows down and they pass by a car with children, the poor kids are going to breath that bad air and it will affect their lungs as well. Also, for the people who think it is cool to do this, they be doing it under 18, which causes them to get lung cancer or any other disease quicker than adults over 21. However, we can change this by making sure that people underage don’t get near cigarettes and go around people who smoke. We can also fix this by letting children at a certain age understand the causes of smoking, so that it could prevent them from doing it and ruining their lives. This is important because we can save many lives and prevent people from getting a disease that they would have never had in the first place.

As you walk around certain places, you will see “art” on the wall. This is known as graffiti, which is basically a vandalism of messing up beautiful property in the town. The graffiti causes our area to look unwelcoming and make people feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, it looks cool and very creative, but it is disrespectful to someone else’s property. I find it interesting because there is a good and a bad problem about graffiti; although, it is mainly unsatisfactory in general. For example, you may see graffiti when you are walking through a tunnel or pass by a wall in a neighborhood or an abandon building and you will see that it had been tagged on. Also, you can notice graffiti in books from libraries and desks at school. However, we can change this by using landscape to deter graffiti vandals. You could plant thorny or vine plants in front of ideal surfaces such as walls or fences. This will cause graffiti vandals avoid areas with thorny plants because they don’t want to get injured and rip their clothes. Even the vine plants make it harder for them to paint on the surface as well. This is important because we are trying to prevent people from ruining the precious walls, buildings, and other people’s properties.

Overall, there were many issues that are in the City of Carson, but I decided to give my perspective towards dealing with littering, smoking, and graffiti. I believe that each of these problems can be justified as an unsatisfactory issue because of how it makes our environment today. We can change our actions within starting to continue to care a little more about our community. This can happen by us picking up trash in our surroundings, quit smoking in general to prevent certain kind of diseases, and stopping vandalism from happening to make our area more welcoming. In doing these things, it will help us have a stronger and beautiful community, but only if we start making a move on changing these issues for the better. Hopefully, people decide to take this into consideration because I believe if we work on making this city better, we will have a safer and healthy environment.

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