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November 19, 2017
By dvega0440 BRONZE, Wilmington, California
dvega0440 BRONZE, Wilmington, California
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In the city of Wilmington there are multiple accounts of activities found in Wilmington as of today. We tend to not realize the problems in our neighborhood because we tend to avoid them. As of me being your mayor I will address the issues of graffiti and gangs, trash in the neighborhood, and issues of homelessness. These issues need to be changed. If i were the mayor I would address these issue and resolve them to help the community and the people.

Graffiti is to shown as art and is also to be done during the night. The graffiti that is a major issue in my neighborhood are to done with spray paint found in the corner of many streets.. These people tend to show what they call their master piece on social media. The danger that this graffiti brings is the safety of the children due to there being a park in the neighborhood and also to homeowner that have the graffiti to deal with. The danger for the homeowner is he tends to cover it up but reappears the following week. To put an end to these action I feel we must have parents more involved with their children and a stricter enforcement of laws. I would have an organization that can help recent these actions by installing possibly security cameras and a clean up crew to repaint the graffiti that appears in the neighborhood.

Multiple counts of trash that is to be unwanted material. For instance there tends to be trash that can be found in alleys, corner of streets, and is tended to be dumped at churches and schools. The trash tends to bring a not friendly welcoming to people coming from a different area. The trash that is found in multiple places seem to cause attraction towards the homeless which lead to danger towards children. This trash tend to get bigger and bigger causing a mess and tends to take up space and begins to be a hassle. As mayor I would provide a hotline where people in the community can call when there is trash in the neighborhood. I would tend to have a friendly group of people would would want to help keep Wilmington clean and also have a volunteer opportunity for those fellow high schoolers that need to complete their hours of services. Lastly I would want people in the community to give me their view of my actions to help keep Wilmington clean and what I can do to help them feel safer and comfortable. I would reach out to organization that can help our community with this problem.


The burglaries in the neighborhood. There are multiple accounts of burglaries that have been reported in my neighborhood. To discontinues these situations there must be an end. As the mayor I will address police cars to stroll through a neighborhood every 30 mins. I will install security cameras for the community at no charge. Last but not least installing alarm systems for every home. This will lead to families becoming safe in their home. With these ideas for the communities this will lead to less incidents and a safer community.

 Being your mayor would be an honor, I would show my potential values towards the community. As the mayor I would want to keep our community safe by protecting the loved families. I would want Wilmington to be a safer place for families by providing multiple accounts of opportunity in the neighborhood. I will hold a gathering where people of the community can address their issues and see what I can accommodate towards their issue. As your mayor I hope I fulfill the needs of a good environment that is important to the people.

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