The Good Mayor Handbook

November 19, 2017
By Brynncherv BRONZE, Granite Falls, Mn, Minnesota
Brynncherv BRONZE, Granite Falls, Mn, Minnesota
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There is no “How to be a Good Mayor” handbook. But if I was mayor I would go out of my way to better the community around me with communication. The Yellow Medicine River cuts straight through my town and I would start by talking to the nearby towns and together we could fix the water quality. We would be able to restore it back to previous conditions where kids would swim all day in it and not worry about bacteria, glass, trash, chemicals, or sewage. I would raise funds to put in windmills and solar panels to help lower electric bills. I would clean up the baseball fields, softball fields, parks, and sidewalks to make letting your children play outside become easier. I would help businesses start and continue to grow, overall restoring mainstreet. If I was mayor I would share what I had with the next generations. I would help children stay outside without being bored or worried. I would have programs all summer to have fun with their friends and stay active. I would have food programs so the kids that might not get a healthy or good meal, could. I would make sure the town could thrive and support itself for the future. So even though there is no handbook on how to be mayor, I think that if I was a mayor I would create a monumental change in the environment and people who lived there.

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