Child Labor

November 20, 2017
By MercadezLuvsU2 SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
MercadezLuvsU2 SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Child Labor- “the use of children in industry or business, especially when illegal or considered inhumane.”(Google Search)
Child Labor is where the kids are either forced/kidnapped or they decided to work. But, these environments aren't the safe ones they are the dangerous kinds. They can get harmed, sick, and in worst cases death. But even worse, no education for them. But Child Labor is still active and has been for 317 years or more. Every american should stand up for the rights of children, because these kids are our future, the next generation. So the real problem isn’t the the killings or drug dealing, it's the child labor that is quickly spreading around the world. The people manipulating them are just cowards and they are easy to take down, they trick children into labor using family against them or money. If we cannot stop Child Labor then who will? Who knows what will happen.


Human Rights-  “a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person..” Do you personally know how many human rights are violated?A lot, and I mean a lot. Not two or three more like  three to six, yeah a lot right? I know I did the research.  In the article “New York Times~ China Says Abusive Child Labor Ring Is Exposed” David Barboza  says “ Other rural children had been lured or forced into captive, almost slave-like conditions for minimal pay.”  David Barboza goes on to say “13-15 were often tricked or kidnapped by employment agencies in an impoverished part of western Sichuan Province called Liangshan and then sent to the factory towns in Guangdong.” The whole significance of this quote is the human rights of life. Kids need a childhood and a social life something they can learn from and especially learn to be independent on themselves. Another human rights child labor violates is no slavery. These kids are pushed to the limits and have to go with it, by all means even in the article by David Barboza he says in “New York Times- China Says Abusive Child Labor Ring Is Exposed.” he goes on to say “Other rural children had been lured or forced into captive, almost slave-like conditions for minimal pay” The quote explains the direct description about the atrocious  conditions that kids went through.


A simple problem that can be just fixed easily, obviously not because, even to this day we STILL have child labor all over the world. But with child labor, It's complicated because if we were to stop child labor, the children who work by choice will have to stand by and watch their family slowly die as for themselves. But in other words, other  kids were forced into child labor so they WANT to be saved from such a  petrifying life they have as child laborers. But if we were to let the kids who WANT to work go to school from 7:30 to 2:45 and then go to work for many 3-4 hours along with being able to go home and get sleep. Then that way the children can go to school (get education), being in a safe environment, and get paid to help support their family.


We the people know there is more than one way to try and solve child labor and help the children. I watched a video on youtube about child soldiers, there was a man named Jason who went to Uganda and met a young african american named Jacob. He describes what had happened to his brother, exclaimed how he watched his brother's death. Jason learned about Joseph Kong the leader/commander of the child soldiers,Jason promised to Jacob he will do everything in his power to stop Joseph Kong. Jason left and returned to the United States and started to fulfill his promise to Jacob. He went to the white house but they wouldn’t help at all,then he started to protest and the people helped after they learned about child soldiers. Sooner or later,the people showed some much interest in the problem in Uganda they finally sent advisors there.So why did all this happen? When the people stood up and protest in what they believe in, they succeeded. Not a lot was accomplished but a little goes along way, they stood up in what they thought was right and something happened. So what do you think we should do?


Say your kid gets kidnapped and forced into labor, where the harsh conditions are slave-like and sickness spreads,what would you do? Let me guess, you’d do anything in your power to save your child and anyone else. Was I right? Thought so. No child is safe if they’re dying, getting sick, getting harmed, or being in horrid conditions. “China witnessed a substantial increase in child labor risk over the past year ranking 20th compared with 53rd a year earlier” says Katie Hunt in “The 10 worst countries for child labor.” There are still places with highest child laboring rankings, So every american should stand up for the kids through protest, social media, and or do anything in their power, because this fight needs to be fought.

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So I wrote this for a class and thought that I needed to share this with the world. There needs to be people who are thinking about changing and helping the helpless you know?

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