If I Were Mayor

November 13, 2017
By mo.s.wisconsin.13 PLATINUM, Dousman, Wisconsin
mo.s.wisconsin.13 PLATINUM, Dousman, Wisconsin
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WELCOME! Welcome all animal lovers!!! I would like to introduce to you my first project as mayor of Waukesha County. I realize there is already a humane society in Waukesha County: The Humane Animal Welfare Society. But I feel we can do better than this establishment. Why are we letting this organization be the face of our county? Let me tell you why we need to tear down HAWS and build a new, county-run, no-kill, non-profit humane society.

1. There is a litter shortage at HAWS. Picture this: a green litter box with less than a cup of cat litter for two cats!!! Calling all cat lovers!!! IS THIS AN ACCEPTABLE AMOUNT OF LITTER FOR YOUR CAT?!?!? NO!!! OF COURSE NOT!!! So why are we giving our county’s homeless cats this amount??? This should not be the standard we allow. So we need better regulations or a new humane society that makes sure that cats get half a litter box full of litter at a minimum.

2. Now I’ll take you to HAWS’ ‘fabulous’ puppy pits. Lurking in these supposed fabulous pits is a bowl of water filled with wood shavings. Would you allow your dog to drink that? Would you force your dog to drink that? So why are we letting our county’s homeless dogs drink that?!? At our county-run humane society, fresh water will be given twice daily to all animals and no wood shavings will be used due to the health risk it poses to ALL animals!

3. Next we walk into the rest of HAWS’ dog housing. A kuranda dog bed, the standard humane society dog bed, has a broken corner, but yet it is still being used. And when we look on the HAWS’ wishlist we see no mention of a kuranda bed. How is using broken equipment conducive to anyone’s standards?

4. Then we’ll visit the dog holding/isolation unit. This room is a dark dreary place with only two lights in a large 8x6 hallway-like room. Two small dogs are being housed here, with no windows in sight. How is this healthy for any animal? Imagine never seeing daylight. At the county-run humane society, natural light will be everywhere.

5. Next, I’ll take you further into the horror hiding in the dog’s housing. POOP! All over the kennels: being stepped in and being eaten by dogs: ultimately being avoided/ignored by HAWS’ incompetent staff. This is not sanitary at all - for anyone! Our county-run humane society = dog runs so dogs can go to the bathroom outside their kennel.

6. Our last stop is the dog kitchen, located right near the dog housing. Sedatives sneak up on the dogs housed in these walls to keep them from barking. ASPCA experiment shows that audiobooks are effective in keeping dogs calm: without the use of sedatives. Do you think HAWS has read the results of that study? I sincerely doubt it.
In conclusion, we need a county-run humane society so that HAWS does not rule the county of Waukesha. Their so called ‘standards’ are pathetic and at the least deadly. Did I mention that HAWS and their no-kill standards means killing one-in-five cats...

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