November 14, 2017
By WisconsinJackson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
WisconsinJackson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Have you ever wondered what life in Milwaukee would be like without the joy of being able to participate in any county activity or sporting event? Well, if you elect me as your new mayor, I can promise that this field of interest will be improved and upgraded. The overall enjoyment for young adults to be able to play sports they otherwise wouldn’t be able to will increase I propose for the city of Milwaukee to build at least five new indoor and outdoor recreation centers for these young adults. I feel that these locations will help kids get away from otherwise dangerous or unsafe areas, and instead get them involved in some physical activity that they enjoy doing.

Helping young adults and children increase their time of physical activity per day and overall health is important to our great city and its people. That’s why this topic is our focus going into our campaign and hopefully if I were to be elected, this would be the first topic at hand to be completed. As a community, I feel that the need of physical activity is huge, but more importantly, these recreation centers will be used as an escape for a lot of kids that live in the inner city. With all of the violent crimes and dangerous acts going on in our city, I think it’s most important to first put all children out of harm's way.

First, we would have to find a reasonable amount of recreations centers to build, I suggest to construct either five or six of these, but have each vary on size based on the surrounding population. Finding the best locations for these centers is the most vital piece of all, if they’re located in the wrong areas then they could be underused or even misused. But, if we find the correct location with the demographic that we are looking for, in terms of surrounding danger and overall need for some activity, then these centers will be no brainers for the city.

But, the most important piece for the general public is the common question; “How will we pay for these recreation centers?” Well, our suggestion is to impose a very small tax for everybody that lives in the surrounding counties and the downtown area of Milwaukee. With just over two million people in the surrounding counties of Milwaukee, we could essentially tax each adult taxpayer a sum of around twenty extra dollars, and this whole operation will have no problem moving forward. Once the individual citizens realize what the cause is for their increase taxes, I think that they’ll understand that this small sum of money is worth the large benefit provided to the children of our community.

All in all, I think that your vote in this upcoming election for a candidate like me is the right decision. I will immediately focus of the safety and health of the children and young adults in the community of Milwaukee. These recreation centers will act as sanctuaries for these often troubled and misguided children.

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