Seventeen Years Old

November 9, 2017
By ttgoodson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ttgoodson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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In Sara B.s' article, "Seventeen Years Old," she shares her experiences with harassment growing up. She includes multiple examples of things peers and other adults might say to excuse this kind of behavior. "My third grade teacher tells me that when a boy is mean to me, it means he likes me." When young girls hear these things, they begin to believe that type of behavior is appropriate and excusable. Though I disagree, and would like to notify all the young girls that have been told similar things, it absolutely is not okay and there is nothing to be said that will excuse their behavior. The saying "boys will be boys" is not justifiable, boys will be held accountable for their actions just as anoybody else. Thank you, Sara, for sharing your story and spreading awareness.  

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