Animal Testing in the United States

November 5, 2017
By BrookeB12 BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
BrookeB12 BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Every single day, animals are abused, burned, tortured, and killed at the expense of our basic human luxuries. A variety of dangerous lab tests are performed on animals to ensure the safety of humans, and many people have tried to stop its path of destruction for different reasons. The humanity of the United States is at stake, and proves animal testing should not be tolerated because it shows our citizens unethical behavior, demonstrates our unwillingness to find other alternatives, and is already illegal in many other countries. The morals we hold should stand for equality and justice, and it is urgent to change the way we treat every living thing.

In our world today, millions of animals patiently sit in a small confined space awaiting the next horrifying expierement to be tested on them. Cosmetics, hair products, medications, perfumes; the list can go on forever, and have all harmed an innocent creature before benefiting the person using it. At this point in time, the fate of human decency and virtue could be questioned on its survival, ane in addition, (Donnelley) “We are caught in a cross current of seemingly ultimate ethical values and obligations from which we do not easily escape.” Principles of compassion, respect, and love are lost within our differences and over looked in sight of mutual care for one another. The way animals are treated as being an object and not a living, breathing being, is no different than the problems our world is having getting along today. Not only are we in trouble from our own demonstrations of hate, but we are encouraging sinful and vicious behavior on how animals are cared for. The purity of these creatures is put aside, and it is important for us to take a hard look at ourselves and realize the cruel action we support and endorse to future generations.

Another point often overlooked is how technologically advanced our country has become, and the possible alternatives that are getting lost in old ways and habits. Animals and humans biologically differ from each other, so results couldn’t be applied accurately anyway, illustrating the point that animal testing is unnecessary and inhumane, as well as inaccurate. Possible alternatives such as tissue samples and computer models already exist, and can replace the way we test products for humans in a more civil and correct fashion. (Chang) “The National Cancer Institute used to test 1.5 million rodents yearly with thousands of compounds to determine the effects of anti-cancer drugs.” However lately, changing to specific tests on cells only, has been able to greatly reduce these numbers in animal testing. Our country’s ignorance to take a step forward in the right direction, shows our downfall for equality and sets us behind other countries. In the late 1950s, British scientists William Russell and Rex Burch proposed the “three R’s”, “… reduce the number of animals needed for a test; refine existing tests to lessen animal pain and distress; and replace animals with other methods.” Thus supporting the launch of finding new alternatives in England. The United States has all the resources it needs to make a difference, so it’s time to break our previous routine.

Speakng of England, on March 11, 2009, the European Union banned cosmetics and personal products companies from testing their products on animals. It also banned the import of cosmetics containing ingredients that have been animal-tested. However no such laws exist in the United States. There are multiple groups trying to reduce and prevent animal testing, including the Humane Society of the United States, the Doris Day Animal League, PETA, and the Anti-Vivisection Society. Although these groups work endlessly, most are not satisfied until justice is brought to the table in writing. Vicki Katrinak in “Leaving Animals out of the Cosmetics Picture”, suggests “…without a full ban being incorporated into the language of that bill, there will be more testing.” The F.D.A. also does not have a policy companies have to follow to claim their product is “cruelty-free”, suggesting the real backgroud could be unknown and proves the label products have adopted does not have a “universally agreed-upon meaning”. Without laws protecting animals from such cruel expierements, there is no telling the endless horror that has been going on, and what its path is for the future.

Some may argue that human health is more important, and protesting animal lab tests denies them of their own importance in getting safe, suffcient products and medications. Keeping possible alternatives in mind, it is important to realize the weight of this issue. No living thing deserves to exist in agony, awaiting its next test until its painful death from one that went too far.

All in all, it is not too late to take the blood in our hands and clean ourselves of such evil. Our morals, habits, and laws shape the way our country is perceieved, and creating a more humane community, will benefit much more than just the animals.

The author's comments:

It was rewarding to write about something I feel strongly about, and I hope I can influence change to create a more unified, safe world to be a part of.

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