November 4, 2017
By Messym SILVER, Karachi, Other
Messym SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Such a small word but a word that holds immense power over someone who's forced to endure the pain by a person apparantly more powerful and confident than themself,but is this really the truth? Is your bully really that strong? Is he/she really that powerful to have such a power over you that forces you in the recesses of your mind and you are helpless in overcoming the fear that knocks you down and disables you from gettung back up? The self hatred you've been engraved with,the body shamming you've been forced to endure,those skin deep red marks on your wrists you keep hidden under long sleeves,that make up free face you turn away from every morning,that shattered mirror in your bathroom,that dark corner which heard your endless crying and soundless sobs,those wilted roses in your backyard waiting to be watered since forever,those deep thorns that penetrated your soul and left wounds which even the world's best medicine could not seem to be able to cure,those pillow cases that silently absorbed your tears as you silently poured your heart out,the eyes of your mother which are constantly in search of the thing to cure her daughter's/son's aching heart and those hunched shoulders of the father on which you used to sit while he roamed around in his kingdom with his legacy on his shoulders,are they deserving of the pain they've been enduring? Are you deserving of this? Are those heartless,worthless cold hearted people worth your beautiful life? Are they really worth you sacrificing yourself? Is a single you look hideous enough to make you just that? Are you really that weak that a few insecure words are enough to shatter your strong heart? NO! I repeat noone is worth you sacrifing yourself,nobody who disgraces you is worth you sacrificing yourself,you are a pearl,a diamond in this world full of imitation jewellery and coal. You are a free bird that is destined to fly in this limitless sky,to soar high by spreading its colourful wings and looking in the eyes of your bully you hear yourself say I'm free,today you have no power over me,you shatter them by looking at them dead in the eye and waiting for them to strike back which they won't even if they do you hold their hand tightly in yours and tell them in a loud voice Its over! Tell them with a strong gait and your head held high that you no longer are the person to be easily bullied,make them realize that they themselves are the ones who made you this way,who made you strong,who made you realize that how important it is to love yourself,tell them that bullying is never ok that nobody has the right to define you it is only your opinion that matters and you that define who you are.

The author's comments:

The society nowadays is full of people being bullied i hope my piece gives them strength and hope even if one person reads this and is hopeful then my purpose is fulfilled

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