Fighting Sucks

November 2, 2017
By Anonymous

The definition of fight is to be involved in a violent act involving physical blows. Fighting is pretty stupid. I mean come on, is hitting someone going to fix the problem you're having? No. Is it gonna make you feel better? Definitely not. So why do it? The thing is, you shouldn't do it. Fighting will only lead to more violence, it's utterly stupid, and it solves nothing.

Let's start with fighting leading to more violence. Fighting someone will of course bring the other pain, and will possibly embarrass them if they lose. So they fight back. To protect themselves and to show they don't want to be messed with. This brings violence onto both participants. Then there's the eye for an eye thing, where one person won't let go of what you did, which will eventually start yet another fight between the two. This brings down more violence, and will lead to possible action in the office of authority, whether it be school or a court room.

The stupidity of fighting is absolutely amazing. It never ceases to surprise me that two people think that injuring each other will solve a conflict. Here's a news flash, it won't. You know what does solve your problems? Talking it out. See a counselor, or just someone you trust and talk about what makes you want to fight. If it's a person specifically, get in touch with them. Talk to them about what's going on between you two, and solve it rationally. Have I mentioned that fighting is stupid because of the easier ways to solve it, like talking it out? If worst comes to worst, you don't even need to fight. It would be better for the two people of mention to just avoid each other until they cool off. That'll stop a fight, in most cases.

Fighting will solve everything said no one ever. In all seriousness, fighting won't solve anything. Why hurt someone? It just proves you are to incompetent to solve a conflict with your words. Like, you hit someone and that argument suddenly goes away? You give somebody a black eye and your F on the test just disappears? That's not how it works. Hitting someone won't solve anything. That's just the thing.

Now, that's not to say you shouldn't fight. If someone tries to fight you, fight back. You shouldn't let yourself get beat up, especially not beat up badly. Sometimes you'll be put in a situation where if you don't fight back, you'll get hurt badly.

Fighting is a violent conflict with physical injuries typically involved. In most cases it can be avoided, easily. In the case that you can't easily find a way around it, defending yourself is your only option. If it was said before it'll be said again, fighting is stupid. You can easily talk out your problems, and I beg that that's what is done.

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