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October 29, 2017
By Ragz_101 BRONZE, Mumbai , Other
Ragz_101 BRONZE, Mumbai , Other
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Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe you don’t exactly fit around here even if you have many friends and every reason to be, but something just doesn’t feel right? Today in the modern society, there are a lot of problems, especially problems related with teenagers which are not acknowledged. A lot of factors influences this situation. For example, some teenagers felt the lack of love from their parents as both their parents work and hence feel neglected. In most of these cases, the negligent teenagers deal with these problems with the help of drugs, alcohol, depression, bullying, etc.

Drugs among teenagers are the most serious problem because it causes a change in the behavior of any person and a physical change too. Most of the teenagers used them as an escape from their problems or sometimes they use them under peer pressure. Alcoholism is a society's sickness that affects all people, from teenagers to older ones. It is considered as a modern way to have fun and if you drink alcohol you are accepted between your friends. People who drink alcohol think that they can forget their problems and get out of the reality if they do that ignoring the fact that they would be back to the reality once the alcohol gets out of their system.

In other words, when a person drinks, she may lose her five senses, and won't be able to think.

Most teenagers agree that they will follow a peer's decision rather than their parents'. Peers are more influential in a teen's life and tend to have more power than parents. Peer pressure has always been present and will always be present. As the adolescent believe that friends are more important and they play a major role in their lives than anyone else. It’s the period of time they think having a boyfriend or girlfriend is important and makes them cooler when in reality they forget to build their own self-image and to please the other significant they do certain actions which they may not desire to do but under peer pressure and to please they may do so.


It is not a disease or a crime, it is an influence; either a negative or a positive one. Negative peer pressure is an influence put on a person to do something wrong, or something the person doesn't want to do.

This may be stealing, taking drugs, or other dangerous actions. If someone influences, you into doing something like this it is considered a negative peer pressure. This is a major problem in most schools all around the world. Teenagers usually feel peer pressure when they feel unpopular among their friends, or when they want to fit in a group of other teenagers. A group is a place where one feels accepted, where she can feel good about herself, where she feels secure. It increases her self-esteem, and it also enhances her self-image. Many times being in the group, they do things that they would never have imagined themselves it. Some teens try to make the 'right' decision so others will admire them. Having parents or other responsible adults they can turn to for help or advice is crucial at this point in a teen's life. Teenage bullying is a very real problem in schools. And it isn’t always physical. There are many different types of bullying, including verbal and emotional bullying. These types of bullying, though subtle than physical bullying, can still have a large impact on a student. Additionally, with the Internet now becoming a huge part of many teens’ lives, it is no surprise that cyberbullying is seeing an increase.
Why do people bully? Is it a habit? No, it isn’t. Then why do normal regular teenagers turn into a bully? Everyone needs an answer to that. People bully to remove their frustration, anger, hurt, difficulty at home or in a class by bullying. Some people also bully due to lack of attention from friends, family or any other person they may want that attention from, just so that they feel they are ‘cool’ or ‘tough’. People stop bullying it just doesn’t affect the victim but the bully can also get affected. Students that get bullied suffer physical injuries, mental health issues. They lose interest in coming to school. They start to suffer from depression and anxiety. They look sad and lonely. They start to have eating and sleeping disorders. They lose interest in the activities they used to once enjoy. Inter they start getting low grades and drop out of school. It’s not only the victims the bullies to tend to start taking alcohol and drugs. Which makes them get into fights do things they don’t want to and eventually when they cannot take it anymore they also drop out of school.

Is this the society we want to live in? Our parents always tell us that whenever there is a problem to approach them, but in the Indian society, if we approach our parents telling them we have depression or anxiety or any disorder and need to see a counselor, it is a sin. Why is it a sin? Why can’t we just go get counseled, due to this thousand and thousands of teenagers tend to commit suicide or start self-harming?


Self-harming isn’t something we all teenagers want to do, is it? None of us want scars all over our hands or thighs. Each time a person cuts it makes her feel good. Often, the physical pain of self-harm might feel easier to deal with than the emotional pain that's behind it. It can also make a teenager feel they're in control of at least one part of their lives.

Teenagers who are addicted to alcohol and drugs lose their lives. If we, the youth are not there anymore then who is going to continue our thoughts? If a teenager’s parents come to know that she is a drug addict or alcohol addict, they scold them. Why? Is it going to bring a change? No, then instead of finding a solution please do not judge the person. Instead of knowing the reason, don’t come to a conclusion.


Here it is everyone stop self-harming, stop bullying, stop getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. Each time you see someone all alone don’t be afraid to approach them. A small smile, a small hello from our side can change a person’s thoughts, could save a person’s life. If you see a person self-harming or know about a person self-harming, go to that person and ask them to talk it out. You may be surprised but the power of words is something unbelievable. You can save a life with words.

The challenge you are facing today is likely not as insurmountable as you think it is, especially in comparison to other tasks. You are the only person with your exact blend of talents and skills.

It's true. Your background, training, skills, and personality all blend together into a unique individual. No one approaches work with quite the same skill-set.

Even if you fail today, you will learn.

It's one thing to say this phrase each day, another to actually apply it. When you're standing in line at Starbucks, remember that this day has never existed before.

Hope all of you will realize what you go through is what all of us go through at one time or the other in our lives, but the best thing about it is how we learn from it and tackle it. Each of us is a princess in our parent's eyes, each of us is the best, not at a particular thing maybe, but all of us are unique in our own way.

The author's comments:

I really hope I delivered my message to whoever is reading or has read this article. I was inspired when a little girl in middle school shared her problems with me and I wanted to show the world how we all suffer and it's not the end we will suffer, but what matters is how we overcome that and lead our life 

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