Letter Concerning Homeless

October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

In America, homeless people account for half to three quarters of a million people. As far as evidence goes, homelessness has been documented since 1640. However, we can infer it began when the Europeans first arrived and displaced the indigenous people.

America is the ideal country to be in but with the growing population of homeless people, it becomes discouraging. The country is supposed to be a nation that provides for each other but it looks like every man for himself.

Everyone is affected by the suffering the homeless people are put through. Solutions have appeared here and there but failed to be sought through. They need help, not to be ignored. Many of them need rehab and real positive enforcement to get them on their feet. Provide safe housing other than shelters. Apartment complexes specifically for the motivated homeless who would like to rejoin society in a positive manner.

It takes one to come up with an idea. It takes many to follow through. It takes all to make a change.



Kavian G.

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