Social Media's Negative Impact on Society

October 17, 2017
By Bepink BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Bepink BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Social media stayed alive for years. It’s extremely popular, used and watched by billions of people.Media’s like (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter,etc.) can affect people negatively and positively. Throughout my research social media has proven to affect our society negatively. Social media should have limits to people because it promotes low self-esteem to some constant users.,brain washes people with negative and false ideas,also it causes delay of sleep.


Social sites can come off as really cruel, promoting low self-esteem. Staring with body shaming, people do this all the time and mostly on instagram or twitter. For example, people would either talk about someone's face, body, size, or shape and the list goes on. What people seem to not care about are the people they are really hurting. Cyberbullies would hide behind social media and body shame. That causes people’s self-esteem to decrease and that can lead to depression, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

Brainwashing is what the media does best, because they are so popular for their entertainment they give out which keeps users coming back for more. The media does nothing better than brainwashing. Really all these social sites does is give out false information and the viewers start to feed off all the lies and they grow to adapt to that. Adapting to the media’s wrong doing is not very smart, plus it sets horrible examples to teens and younger viewers.

Sleepy days, everyone has them but what actually causes them are homework, video games, or social media.  According to the article Media Bias “studies indicate that news media consumers are more likely to choose and trust news sources that reinforce their political beliefs.” Students would go on social sites and believe everything just as long as their work is complete they don’t care if whether it’s right or wrong. A lot of people procrastinate about putting their phone down. It’s normal but when it starts to affect your health, you would have to make a change. An average person needs at least 8-9 hours of sleep so if you keep delaying sleep your body system would react in a negative way.

This information i’m giving you is significant because it gives you truthful information on how social media really does affect our society in an educational, physical, and mental ways. If our society dial it down on social media then maybe the percentage of successful people world wide would increase. In order for social media to stop damaging our world we will have to make that first step, to either delete social sites, or time limit yourself on social media. One day the world would wake up and  recognize the things I notice when I hear or see things about the media, and they would put a stop to it. This why social media should be limited to our society.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because i notice that social media really plays a big role in our society in a negative way.

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