National Essay Writing Contest: If I Were Mayor of My Town...

October 8, 2017
By woodtcass BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
woodtcass BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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If I was mayor of my town, I would address the program of hidden hunger. Hidden hunger is very prevalent in not only my community but many around the world. Hidden hunger is when someone, typically children, are eating but not gaining the proper nutrients they need to stay healthy. My goal would be to create a program to educate local youth about healthy foods and where to get them, to deliver care packages of nutritious foods, and raise money and awareness of the situation. I would try to be able to understand hidden hunger better through talking to those affected by it. Being able to hear stories from victims themselves, relatives, teachers, and parents whose families were affected, would allow me to alter my program to accommodate those affect by hidden hunger in an effective way. I would try to hear from all social-economic classes, ages, backgrounds, and cultures to get a wide variety of specific results allowing me to see the many perspectives of the problem and the large range of people it impacted.

I would form a team consisted of a diverse group, from all racial, economic, cultural, backgrounds, so they can also offer their own perspectives on this project and providing fresh ideas and efficient collaborations. I, myself, am very exposed to diverse people and cultures from my mixed background and this has allowed me to bond with others of varying backgrounds as well.

It would be efficient to use many approaches to reach our goals more effectively, such as teaching and lesson planning, to actually going out and collecting food and materials for my citizens. I would try to get citizens and local schools in the effort, with incentives like volunteer hours for students. Collaborating with local organizations would get the community more involved as well. Organizations like schools, churches, and even companies could help with food drives or events to distribute materials and educate the public about the severities of hidden hunger. Anyone could be effected by hidden hunger no matter what their income is, as many associate hunger with low income. Most commonly affected by hidden hunger is children whose parents have to work long hours have to eat unhealthy, cheap, and convenient food like McDonalds. If I was mayor, I would hope to combat hidden hunger in my community, with my community.

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