October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

What do you call a hero? Some people say that celebrities are their heroes while others say ordinary people are their heroes. Ordinary people are the people you see everyday saving lives and not being publicized, but if a celebrity was to save a life they would receive worldwide publicity.

Who is your hero? My hero's are ordinary person because they don’t think about themselves. Twenty seniors from Western High in Davie Florida were heading to their prom in a limo on May 11. In front of them on a highway, a Honda van started swerving wildly, nearly driving on two wheels, until it hit a side barrier and flipped over. The limo went to a halt, narrowly missing the van, whose passengers were already in panic, yelling, crying, and trying to free themselves from the broken glass and crumpled metal. The limo driver and students scrambled out to help the people in the van. The limo driver kicked one door open, to get to the passengers inside. A student climbed on top of the van, forced the sliding door open and reached inside to free some of the passengers
There were young kids in the van, including a small child who was stuck under one of the seats. The limo driver was able to pull the child out and handed the kid over to one of the student. The group continued to help the bloodied and petrified passengers until firefighters and police arrived. After the police and firefighters arrived at the reck the students told what happened and continued their night and went to prom.

A celebrity Jamie Foxx saved a 32 year old woman from a car wreck outside his house. He was put on the news and praised for his courageous act.

These seniors are a group of what we would consider ordinary teenagers going to their high school prom, but instead they made a choice that made them seen as heroes. This is the reason that I consider ordinary people to be better heros instead of celebrities. What I call a hero is someone saving someone's life, or idealized for courage.

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