September 1, 2017
By Anonymous

But have you ever heard that green tea helps with anxiety?
Have you ever thought my fast heart beats is because of a flashback that crossed my head?
Have you ever noticed that my eyes go limp?
Have you ever thought that silence might help?
That sitting down right there and then might help?

"Anxiety is the reaction to danger. One cannot help suspecting, however, that the reason why the affect of anxiety occupies a unique position in the economy of mind has something to do with the essential nature of danger. Yet danger is a universal human bexperience."~Sigmund Freud

Anxiets fear loss of control also commonly have anxiety about being dependent on others, which is usually a necessary component of any serious illness. Fear of dependency is common in people whose normal dependency needs were not met in childhood.

So what does anxiety look like? It looks like a girl. A girl who probably looks pretty normal on the outside. A girl who attends school, gets her work done, and survives. But to her, it looks like pain, fear and self-hatred. And sometimes, it looks like hopelessness. Because all she can do is live day to day, and hope and pray anxiety doesn't attack again. Sometimes she gets the urge to scream on the top of her lungs "DAMN YOU FOR NOT CARING"

See anxious people fear loss. Loss of people they showed every side of their anxiety to. loss of caring, anxious people find it hard to believe that somebody truly cares about their every emotion about their every problem so you must keep reminding them keep proving to them that you do care, it doesn't take much to ask how are you doing or how was your day.

They always keep their guard up, even around people who have proven they can be trusted.
Even around people who swear they would never hurt them.
Even around people who deserve a real chance.

So consider yourself unique and lucky if an anxious person let you in his/hers anxious trauma. Don't take that for granted, stay there show them that you care just to help them out get through it show them you will be there please do your best please give all the energy you have cause it did take all the energy they had once to let you in...

The author's comments:

"Out of a very anxious heart..."

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