Does Your Country Welcome Immigrants? Why?

August 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I choose “Does your country welcome immigrants? why? “First I talk about my opinion. My opinion is my country dose not welcome immigrants. Because I heard “Japan wants to protect our traditional culture “on TV. And I think Japanese traditional culture is very unique. Because Japan has very long history. But I think Japan needs to accept immigrants. Because I think recent years as Japanese population is declining in an aging society with fewer children, accepting immigrants should help the issue of a declining population even a little.

Next, I talk about a supporting opinion and an opponent’s opinion for immigrants. First, I talk about a favorite opinion. First, immigration advance understanding of multiculturalism and diversity. Second, avoid drastic reduction of population. Third, it is unknown whether foreign workers will contribute as taxpayers, but there are many things that can be solved by accepting foreign workers. Next, I talk about an opponent’s opinion. One, the security of Japan deteriorates. Two, if immigrants are accepted, traditional culture of Japan changes. Example, Japanese city is cleaner than other country cities. Three, in order to respond to the declining birthrate and aging population, full-scare acceptance of immigrants is inevitable.

Third I talk about “How can we make Japan more welcoming” I think Japan needs more prepare about immigrants. Example, prepare the immigrants home in Japan, for work, and We 
need to know about their religion.

Finally, based on these facts, I think Japan need to welcome immigrants.

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