Is Immigration a Good or Bad Thing?

August 15, 2017
By rrtyui BRONZE, Seoul, Other
rrtyui BRONZE, Seoul, Other
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Some people say immigrants flood across borders, steal jobs, burden on taxpayers and threaten indigenous culture. But others say the opposite, immigration boosts economic growth, meets skill shortages, and helps to create a more dynamic society that can make communication. I think immigration is a good thing in country, basically they can help economy growth. Because we have many facts, and situations that show about why immigration is good.

First, most immigrants come to countries to work, for example, though immigrants are 18%
of the population in America, and they represent 16% of the labor force, that means immigrants come to America to growths the economy.


Another thing about Immigrants is they come to America to start small businesses, because 1 in 5 small business owners is an Immigrant, for example, a Chinese restaurant is in St. Johnsbury, the owner of the restaurant is Chinese, they get benefit, and tax from Customer who eat foods at the restaurant, So this also can help to grow economy.

Finally, some people say immigrants steal jobs in their country, but immigrants don’t come for stealing jobs, because they all know, they always come for the dream, but it hasn’t always been the dream imagined, and have been living and working for over a decade, that means they didn’t come to steal any jobs, they come to work hard, therefore most immigrants work hard, according Famous newspaper The new work times says “The prospects for long-run economic growth in the United States would be considerably dimmed without the contributions of high-skilled immigrants,” the report said. It did not focus on American technology workers. That means they don’t steal any jobs. They are here for work, and country. Therefore immigration is a good thing.

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