What If There Were No Borders?

August 15, 2017
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When I read this question, it shouted at me. It looks like a thought experiment and I love to think about something like that.

So if there were no borders, would the world change?

At first, when the borders would be cancelled there would emerge a mobility and as a result every person could go wherever he or she wants.

Although it’s sound like a naïve idea, there are examples of this mobility in the world which work.

The EU realized the dream to travel wherever you want in the participant countries without a visa and I have the luck to be involved, because I come from Germany.


Many people are frightened by a large number of migrants, who could try to storm the rich countries in the hope of a better life. But I think this fear is completely unfounded, because 97 percent of the world’s people live in the country they were born.

Asides from this fact, there are more positive effects of immigration for a country than negative effects like the GDP of a country could be increased substantially through temporary and circular migration. Besides poverty could be combated when people would work together.

Also I think the fear that a global world could destroy different cultures and different languages is only idiocy, because you can’t change humans so fast and profoundly.
Still it would be necessary to find one main language for all people to communicate, work and go to school everywhere, preventing further boundaries.

On the other hand, with this development, there would be also negative consequences.
The most important I think is the fear of diseases, which could be diffused in the world definitely faster. A global pandemic would change the world extremely.

You could see the less problem through Ebola, which broke out in West Africa and was spread really fast in three African countries; thousands of humans died.

How would it be when there were no borders anymore and the people could transmit their diseases all over the world?


I read some articles about this theme, where people had the idea of global peace and I also think it sounds very good. I am one of the persons, who would say that it is one of my biggest wishes.
But can we as humans achieve a global agreement to implement this idea?

Most of all, the negative answer of this question is the large problem, which prevent a world without borders. I’m sure that now it wouldn’t work to find one global meaning for one governing with the right laws. Therefore we are too many and different people in the world, who want to defend our interests and our faith in our own way. It’s really human to want our right of private property and support automatically the capitalism and borders.

So you see it isn’t so simple and you can’t see the world only black and white. Don’t try to take an eraser and cut all the borders out from the world map. It wouldn’t work.

Nevertheless, I am hopefully that the world will change.
In the moment we have the most peaceful time in history and globalization and democratization is growing. Despite that the television shows many bad people, I still believe that there are more good people in the world.

So what can we do?
I think we should destroy our own borders like racism, jealousy, fear and prejudices and more bad properties, which prevent us to do something poignantly.
Start with yourself to overcome these feelings.

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