Is Immigration Good or Bad for Us?

August 15, 2017
By JennyLiQingyue BRONZE, St. Johnsbury., Vermont
JennyLiQingyue BRONZE, St. Johnsbury., Vermont
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Now, there is a big topic on the internet and everyone is discussing. That topic is immigration. In my opinion, l think immigration is a good thing.

First, we can see more things in other countries. Like if you are an African, but you really want to ski. So you can immigrate to Norway or other cold country. Or you hate the living habit in your original country and native country, you can move to other country to find the living habit you like. I think to move to other country will be better for you to have a new life than to stay in the original. For example, there is an old couple. They do not like the  life in China. So they abandon the best welfare in China and move to Los Angeles. They really like the life in L.A. although the welfare is not as good as China. Because in China children’s education is free and children have their own free breakfast, lunch, dinner in school. But in L.A. they don’t have. So do old people. But they decide to stay in L.A. because of the living habit. L.A. air is not good, but it has the best climate. It is sunny for four seasons. Now they live happily in L.A.

Second. There are many families are going to immigrate, because of their children’s studies or their family member’s work. They move with them because they want to keep family together. There is a proverb: east or west, home is best. It means home is the best. For example, my friend’s father is going to work in England. Her mother abandons a great job in Shanghai, to go to England with her daughter and stay with her husband. I asked her why go to England, abandon the job she had, go to an unfamiliar country. Her answer is for the family. There are many people in the world that abandon a good job, go to another country with their family just because the word ‘together’.

For the countries, immigrants actually make the country better and better. The more people, the stronger and better country. According to the Pew Center, nearly fifteen percent of the population were born outside the country—with USA containing more immigrants than any other country on Earth. It has 45.8 million immigrants in its country. The number is higher than any other country in the world. That’s why America is the strongest country in the world. Because they have the best strength and education in a world.

The last reason I think immigration is good is the future. Many people think they do not have the hope for the future. So they move to another country. They will try their best to have a better future. According to research, there are about 50 thousand people who immigrate to other country every year. A lot of them immigrate because the future.

I believe immigration is a great thing, though others may disagree. I know, population issues, illegal aliens, all that jazz. But behind all that, immigration can actually be a good thing. People who immigrate know why they want to immigrate, and most of countries welcome people to immigrate. All in all, immigration is a good action to find out what  life is like!

The author's comments:

l think now immigration is a big topic. Everyone is talking about this topic. As a Chinese student and only 13 years old, l also want to talk about is topic. So l write this passage.lf you find that there is something not correct, you can talk to me and correct them.

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