Do Immigrants Cause Problems?

August 15, 2017
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My opinion about this topic is undisputed yes. Immigrants may cause some problems in China.

Firstly, lots of immigrants means more population. Research in 2016 says China has already raised to 1379000000 people! That’s the largest population in the world and it’s still increasing! Immigrants may bring more and more population which will be a burden for the Chinese government.

Some people may say that spreading immigrants all over China may help, because China is the third biggest country in the world. Well, that’s true, China does have lots of places, but I’m sure that almost every immigrant prefers big cities to small cities. People want rich lives. Then the big cities will be very crowded with millions of people.

Secondly, the increasing of the population may cause some problems in China. As all we know, China’s employment problem is very serious. Some search shows that the capital Beijing has only 28.24% of the employment rate of graduate college students. The highest employment rate is Shanghai, which is less than 45%. Those numbers look scary! China has a huge number of the population. Just imagine, how many people will stay at home without a job. Why this is happening is because the increasing in the number of population, and that’s why more immigrants may make the employment rate keeping decreasing. Many and many graduate students stay at home doing nothing. If there come more and more immigrants, there will be even worse.

But the population reason is not the main reason. China has a long history and people’s minds may change from generation to generation. From the opium war in 1842 till now. China has suffered too many humiliations. So, Chinese nationalism appeared. This nationalism comes from the Monroe Doctrine in America. It was a United States policy of opposing European colonialism in the Americas beginning in 1823. It was invoked by many U.S statesmen and several U.S presidents, including Ulysses S .Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Chinese nationalism has changed a little. There are two kinds of nationalism. One is from external oppression and invasion. The second comes from a country’s own superiority. China refer to the second one because today’s China is not as weak as before. So, the problem is not the immigrants don’t want to immigrant to China, but some of the Chinese people don’t want other people from different countries come to China. Some of the Chinese people are very emotional about the foreigners. There will be some bad effects. It’s a big problem to calm Chinese nationalism and people’s emotion.

China has many problems itself. If more immigrants come, it will be a big pressure for the government and it will cause a lot of problems.

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