Does China Welcome Immigrants?

August 15, 2017
By zhuamy BRONZE, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
zhuamy BRONZE, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
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Does china welcome immigrants?

You may think it is “yes”, because it makes my country richer. Make the country more manpower, attract investment. But in my opinion, I don’t think so. Because china has huge population and some of the Chinese has racism.

China doesn’t welcome refugee. The reason that china has a big population. 1.4 billion is a huge number. The other one is most of the refugee is illegal over stayer. For example, there are lots of North Koreans across the border from North Korea to the North east of China. China repatriate lots of them back to North Korea. These illegal immigrants aren’t welcomed.

In Guangdong province, there are lots of Africans and Arabs. In Guangzhou the capital city of Guangdong. There are has 400 thousands of black people. That’s not all Guangdong.  Some Blacks commit lots of crimes. Such as drug trafficking.

There may some Asia what to immigrant in China. They have similar faces to Chinese. So they can get into the crowed easily. But if others know you are from South east of Asia. Some Chinese will treat you badly. Because where you came from. Some middle age Chinese always look down people from Africa south east of Asia. They think they are poor and inexperienced.

If you are from japan, Korea, Europe, America, Russian. Public officials really welcome you. Because these countries’ technology is powerful. The main problem that make China welcome you are rich, knowledgeable and your nationality.

That’s  my opinion. China doesn’t welcome some immigrant between the difference of countries.

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