The Wall Between the U.S. and Mexico

August 15, 2017
By waxilinlaobei BRONZE, St.johnsbury, Vermont
waxilinlaobei BRONZE, St.johnsbury, Vermont
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In my opinion, the US shouldn’t build the wall between US and Mexico because by building a wall to solve the illegal immigration problem, causing a lot of problems. Instead, US government could use the other ways which are better, like negotiating with Mexican government.


First of all, to build a wall between US and Mexico would cost a lot of money. A survey shows that it probably costs 12 to 15 billion dollars. It is a very huge amount to US government because the military budget takes a lot of budget and it will make the US government go over its financial budget. While president Trump promised to ask the Mexican government to pay for the wall, the Mexican government refused his request. Even if the Mexican government finally pays for it, it won’t be good to the diversity. However, paying money to destroy America’s diversity. It is absolutely un unworthy thing to do.


What’s more, a report from FACTANK shows that although there were still 5.7 million Mexican illegal immigrants, the amount of Mexican illegal immigrants has been declining since 2009. And the decrease is nearly 1 million people. Also, the author said that Mexican illegal immigrants will no longer be the majority of US unauthoritative immigrants. This shows that the situation of illegal immigrants from Mexico is not as serious as before.


In addition, some people might be worried about more Mexican illegal immigrants will cause higher crime rate. Actually, the answer is not. A research from Kellogg Insight shows that in the dense population area of Mexico, the violent crime rate is constant or even lower than before. The property crime rate increases a little, but it’s still in the normal range. That’s a strong evidence to break people’s worries. On the contrary, Mexican immigrants make great contributions to local state’s GDP. For instance, Arizona, a state that many Mexicans live, Mexicans contributes 4 percent to GDP. It proves that the Mexican immigrants have great benefit to the US.


Furthermore, prior to Trump becoming the president, the relationship had been the strongest that it ever had. However, if the US government doesn’t negotiate with the Mexican government well, it will definitely destroy the relationship between US and Mexico. As we all know, Mexico is one of the most important economic partners with America and also has the significant military location for America. So, once the relationship gets destroyed, it will be an enormous loss to the US.


In conclusion, to build a wall between US and Mexico might be helpful to limit Mexican illegal immigrants entering America. But I don’t think it will work as Trump expected. And the disadvantages of building the wall are obvious. So, stop building the wall and try to negotiate with the Mexican government would be the best choice to the US.

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