What Makes Harry Potter So Indispensable to This World

July 30, 2017
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All the fans of the Harry Potter series have been asked this question at some point of their lives. They've been asked why the saga of The Boy Who Lived mattered to them so much.

Many said that it had changed their lives, perspective, that it had made the impossible and extraordinary seem possible to them, that it was such a brilliant piece of work, it must be in a league of its own. The emphasis that has been laid on the power of love  has  has also been quoted by many.

All that has been stated above is perfectly true. But I would like to underline the principal value that lies at the heart of  the Harry Potter series, that strikes a chord with so many of us. And I would say that it was the way that all the incidents, characters and philosophies were so perfectly relatable even while occurring in a universe that encompassed realities so vehemently denied by our own. (Yes, realities!) And that too, existing within our world and without. Every incident and character signified something existing within the ordinary world, yet making it seem unique and being able to fulfill a greater purpose.

The human aspects of all characters, whether good or evil, that defined them, that completed, not tarnished or glorified their personality. The example of Albus Dumbledore, perhaps is the most widely used, but it is nevertheless worth mentioning.  The wise old headmaster, always dependable, always omniscient(for want of a better word) was shown to have grown, learning from his follies and regrets. Making his past flawless might have deemed his character as one improbable to ever take shape in the future, but including major flaws in his personality exposed him for what he was-a human being.

 It also showed how the face of ultimate evil also lurked around in the world. This might seem contradictory to the paragraph explaining human attributes, but it also shows the dangers of straying into evil's path. But  this makes the enemy formidable and unalterable and hence is fully accepted. Voldemort isn't a character. Voldemort is the combination of all negativity with unparalleled skill.

 But the best lesson of all (and probably the one most often repeated) is the lesson of love. Love in this series plays a significant role in all aspects, yet fulfilling a single purpose--purifying all those who give it and receive it. I need hardly say that Severus Snape is the epitome of the above statement. Love also makes for the ultimate emblem of goodness, imparting a desire to protect in all those who harbor this wondrous feeling. It also shows us that no matter how skilled you are, evil will never let you succeed.  And though I think it was a matter of excellent teamwork that Harry won, the support extended to him from various people was a result of love. You can't live in this world without love. It's just not possible.

There you go. I've highlighted all the reasons I think the Harry Potter series is indispensable---- as a teacher of life lessons. What about you?

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