Smart About Smart Phones

July 21, 2017
By ABlackRaven BRONZE, Mason, Texas
ABlackRaven BRONZE, Mason, Texas
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Smartphones, they’re everywhere. You really can’t come across people in public today without seeing a smartphone.

Today, programs like Google and Siri can answer questions to just about everything.

It has to be considered that smartphones have done a lot for the modern world.

They can pull up maps to a destination, search for restaurants somewhere you aren’t familiar with, answer math questions, and they can do a lot more.

But the problem arises that they might be becoming too much of a help, to the point that they’ve become a hindrance.
    Take this instance for example.
    You’re lost somewhere, side of the road, wilderness, even maybe a city.
    And either your smartphone doesn’t work or you don’t have it.
    Luckily in the city example, you could ask for help. But say if you were lost in the wilderness, or even maybe one the side of the road.
    There was a time where most people new things like how to use a compass, or at least which way the sun rises. People also used to be able to read maps.
    But these skills are becoming somewhat archaic.
    And it’s not just in extreme instances you see problems with smartphones.

I’m sure we’ve all seen someone so absorbed in their smartphone that they run into someone, or miss a part of a conversation.

People are losing skills, allowing their smartphones to take care of it. We’re also losing basic social skills. With the texting that comes along with smartphones. Just looking down at a text for a few seconds while driving can lead people to their deaths. Also, things like autocorrect and generic calculators pretty much eliminate the need to know basic math and spelling.

I’m not saying we can’t use smartphones- believe me, I see the benefits. I’m just saying we need to hold one to our own self-reliance because there will come someday for everyone where they don’t have that resource. I’m just saying we need to hold on to the skills that give us freedom from the smartphones.


So I implore you, be smart about when you let your smartphone be smart for you.

The author's comments:

With all the benefits of smart phones, we must also be wary of the dangers. 

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