Sexist Shaming: What It Is and Why It Needs to Stop

June 9, 2017
By NazChow BRONZE, Bedford, Other
NazChow BRONZE, Bedford, Other
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I find it absurd that I am a teenage girl discussing sexist-shaming as I am always a victim to it. 

Recently I got called a s*** by a boy from school and this time around it really hurt me and it brought up a passion of fury in me. It confuses me how a teenage boy gets to call a teenage girl who has had zero sexual activity and one boyfriend gets called a 's***,' ect. but when a boy has had many girlfriends and is involved in sexual activity they get congratulated.

Did this boy know what he was talking about when he called me a s***? Probably not. Does he even know what the term 's***' means? Definitely not. He, like many other boys and girls, use the term and think of it as simple name calling when in reality it is much more harmful than that. Once a girl or woman is regarded as a 's***', she becomes an open target for sexual assult. 

Do you not think it's odd that there's so many terms to shame women but there are little to none for men? That's because as time has gone, the word has become a decidedly female insult and that increases gender discrimination.

This shaming is sexist because it is always only women who get called to task for their sexuality and it's always men who get praised. This is showing the sexual double standard that still lies in our society: Boys will be boys, and girls will be w****s. 

It's simply not fair for hetrosexual girls and women because we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. If you stay away from any expression of sexiness, you'll be written off as a prude, as irrelevant or even unfeminine. And if you do follow the rules society has set out, you'll run the risk of being shamed or judged. 

We also always see it in the media nowadays. Why is it that when Ed Sheeran releases a new album about love and his relationships the media all praise him, but when someone like Taylor Swift does the exact same thing she's shamed for always writing music about her exes and always writing about boys? The answer is simple: it's because she's a women. 

Our society and the media has injected backwards ideas into the minds of young girls that if we show any interest of being sexually active or even if our skirt is "too short" then we will probably be judged.

I believe that sex is a natural thing that at some point in our lives us teenagers, boys and girls, will do. And whether you do it with one person or 100 people, it is still natural and there's nothing wrong with it, we shouldn't feel ashamed of it we should all embrace our sexualities. 

The more I've learned about sexist-shaming, the more I've realised that maybe it's not actually about a woman's sexuality. Maybe it's set in the belief that men get to assert themselves and women do not. To me, sexist-shaming has now become a popular way to represent old-fashioned sexism.

Both girls and boys sexist-shame and it may seem harmless at the time but it is a real issue and words can affect people deeply. 

The author's comments:

I hope that after reading this article people will finally realise that it's not okay to slut-shame anyone, it's not just simple name calling, it's a label that women should never have as it increases the risk of sexual assult. I want i for people to think before they slut-shame someone. 

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