Parents Should Make More Space in Their Hearts for Their Homeless Teens

June 15, 2017
By Noeliareyes BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Noeliareyes BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Just imagine a kid shivering, hungry outside hoping someone will come and save their life. Just imagine that being your kid in the streets. How would that make you feel. Behind every homeless teen there is a story. It is such a tragic to see teens at such a young age homeless. Teens don’t run away because they desire to. There is always a story. Teens run away due to pregnancy, being abused, for being lesbian, gay or bisexual, transgender or even more reasons.

I believe parents are the causes of teens being homeless. They are the reason because they make their kids feel neglected, they either kick them out or they feel like they have to run away due to all the issues that are happening. But, also nearly 50 percent reported intense conflict or physical harm by a family member as a major contributing factor to their homelessness.

I don’t understand how parents have it in their heart to let their kids be homeless knowing that they could be starving, freezing to death, or that their life is in danger and anything can happen. About percent of kids spend at least one day a month without eating. The worst part of it all is that 40 percent of kids are under the age 18 that are homeless. Just imagine that your child and you are not doing nothing about it as a parent. As a parent your job is to make sure your child has a roof over their head, clothes on their back, food on the table and most importantly be able to be there for them in any possible way. Some parents need to become better parents.
You guys should be ashamed if you let your child run away or even kick them out. You guys are parents; you guys are suppose to be role models but most importantly stick around. How can you just sit there and not care what can happen to your child? The child you watched grow up. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you felt neglected? How would you feel if your parent just didn’t care what happened to you That hurts especially coming from your parents? Your own blood.

But for all your teens out there you are not alone. I know it seems like things won’t get better and your world is just crumbling down and no one will come and save you but trust me everything will get better. We can make a change and actually lower the percentages of teen homelessness. We need to come together as teens and be able to gather homeless teens or those you know struggling and help them by providing them with showers, food, clothes and lead them to different programs that can help them get a home. Some programs that can be able to help kids around the world that are homeless are Safe Horizon, Covenant House and The Door. With these programs tons of teens lives can be saved. All we have to do as teens is to talk to these homeless teens and bring the help to them.

The author's comments:

I chose this piece about teen homelessness because it was a school project and I also knew that there was a lot of teens struggling with being homeless and parents wanting to kick them out. 

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