2nd Amendment

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

We as Americans, have the right to bare arms. To deny us that right, would be denying us the right to be American. There are many arguments for banning guns, and not banning guns. Some say banning guns will prevent gun related crimes; and others say it would only increase crime. People also say; that the right to own guns is what makes us, Americans. What makes us Free.

To be American is to be free. To have the right: to speak your mind, to live the way you want, to believe in what you want, and the right to bare arms. The right to privately own guns is one thing that makes us American. Banning guns would defy what this country was founded for. To be FREE. This right is one of the most sacred of American beliefs. People who want to ban guns only look at statistics. They do not understand that guns are not just things used to commit crimes or to kill people. That guns have provided a way of life for Americans for hundreds of years. If the government takes away our gun rights, then what would stop them from taking our freedom of speech or our freedom of religion?

Another argument states; that banning all guns will drastically reduce crime in the U.S. Though in countries where guns are banned there is still crime and murder; at the same or an increased rate, than when guns were allowed. Banning guns will not stop murder and crime. People have been killing each other long before the invention of guns. “Prohibition didn’t stop alcohol… gun control won’t stop guns.” The whole thought that banning guns will decrease crime is well… absurd. Since criminals do not abide by the law. Banning guns will not really have a negative effect on criminals. Actually it will most likely increase crime. Since banning guns only limits the access to guns for law abiding citizens. This only makes things easier on criminals. Since criminals like easy targets (people who do not own guns).

Taking away from more guns=less crime; the most effective way to stop crime in the U.S. would actually be to make guns more readily available to the public. The thought here is that; increasing the amount of guns will decrease crime. Because of the simple fact; that people will be able to defend themselves from criminals, if they own a gun. The reason people shoot down this option is because they fear that if their are more guns, then there will be more crime. This opinion is not unfounded, but most guns used by criminals are obtained illegally. And actually states with larger amounts of gun ownership have less crime, because criminals are afraid to rob people who own guns, for fear of getting shot. Less guns in citizens hands leads to citizens not having the means to protect themselves.

It is true that there need to be limitations put on guns, but never to the point to where it infringes upon the constitution. The 2nd Amendment - in the opinion of many Americans - is a God given right to all American citizens. The main point to this argument is that, decreasing guns will not improve America or decrease crime.

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I wrote this essay for my AP Composition class.

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