Tapping Teen Talent to Gently Shake the World

June 12, 2017
By Benji42 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Benji42 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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There once was a roman emperor who went a day without helping anyone. He went to his friends and said “Friends, I have wasted a day”. Having talents comes with a responsibility, you have to use your talents to help others. You may have a talent that can really change someone’s life. Only good can come from helping someone.

Many teens talents are being wasted just simply because teens don’t use them. Teens may feel that their talents can’t be used to benefit others but that’s not true. There have been instances of teens using their talents to benefit others. 17-year-old, Easton LAChappelle made his first robotic hand at the age of 14. He used Lego and fishing wire to accomplish the feat. After meeting a young girl with a barely functional prosthetic hand he created a more functional hand for a better price. He began working for NASA at the age of 17. He is a perfect example of what teens could do if they harness their talents.

The best solution would be a program that helped reach out to teens with special abilities. The name of the program would be “T.A.C.W”. It stands for Teens Assemble to Change the World. The recruiters would each search for teens who they could train to become their protégé. Teens would get to choose their mentor, and each mentor would be fully suited for the role to train that specific teen. Unlike regular school these teens would have specialized in a talent they themselves wanted to master. No teen would be forced to enter the program. It would be a free program so that no one is ineligible to enter. Each teen will receive one on one training with their mentor on how to fully hone his/her talent.

These teens would go through a test based on their gifts. The test is going to select the few students who qualify for the program and reach out to them. Once selected the teens will meet to address the best possible route to pursue their dreams. The program will only meet a few times a week. The teens will have side projects that help them better their talents. For example, an art student may have a project to build a mural and his mentor would be there with him, guiding him through the steps. Or a tech student would have to design a computer program under the instruction of their mentor.

Many teens have talents but most of is wasted on the fact that they have no opportunities. T.A.C.W is the solution that provides constructive opportunities and exposure that allow teens to harness their talents. Teens would be sure to get the proper instruction to steer them down the right path. This allows for teens to do more positive things with their talents. With the right guidance these students of the new generation will be prepared for all obstacles. Everyone is capable of changing the world but not everyone is up for the challenge.


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This was an English project I enjoyed doing.

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