The Butterfly

June 13, 2017
By Khushii2912 BRONZE, Aurangabad, Other
Khushii2912 BRONZE, Aurangabad, Other
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The small tortoise shell butterfly specie has beautiful deep orange wings, interrupted by black, dark brown and yellow regular markings at the top and lined with blue semi-circles along the sides and at the bottom. Its wing undersides are dark brown. And Ambrose Logan defines herself as this butterfly and it shall be revealed soon enough as to why she does so.

Ambrose Logan, aged 34, runs the Logan Butterfly Conservatory in Goa. The Logan Butterfly Conservatory is not only a breeding ground/home to 87 different species, but is also a museum where the butterflies that have been and gone are preserved and celebrated. Ambrose’s aim is to protect these wonderful creatures of God and make sure their beauty is remembered even after their deaths. She has never left the premises of her Conservatory since it was built and has spent all her life nourishing them. But anyone wondering why Ambrose is so committed to safeguarding them and dedicated her entire life to making sure that they are appreciated and valued? Ambrose was born with a birthmark which shook her self confidence so terribly that till date, only her family members and her close friends have seen her. She runs the Conservatory but never shows herself to anyone. She takes care of the butterflies but when prying eyes of the strangers are not around. She watches her second family go through every phase of their lives but only when outsiders aren’t present. Ambrose was born with an orange patch of skin on her face which till date she hides with her beautiful brown locks. Ambrose believes that she is not beautiful. She is different. She is someone who can never be called pretty is what she thinks, and why would she suppose so? Because of a very simple reason- majority of the humankind present on this planet have a stereotypical idea as to what beauty means. Beauty is not being fair skinned or having sharp features or luscious looking hair or a perfectly wafer thin body. These are only a kind of beautiful. Beauty is a word so meaningful that such a small description does not even capture one fourth of the essence of its meaning. Beauty is uniqueness, elegance, confidence and most importantly a wonderful soul. Ambrose was made to believe that beauty is only of one kind, but honestly, is it? Ambrose believed that she isn’t as pleasing to the eyes as the others are, and therefore decided that if she wasn’t going to be called beautiful, she will save those who are considered delightful to the eyes. But Ambrose aren’t all the 20,000 species of butterflies in the world considered attractive and wonderful? Then why are we humans so determined to call only one kind of species beautiful and the rest not so attractive? Each and everyone with their different skin tones, different body sizes, and different features are exquisitely beautiful. And the stereotype the world has perceived till date is breaking. We are all art and therefore in all form BEAUTIFUL.  Ambrose, I believe that you are not the Small Tortoise Shell specie but the Brown Hairstreak.  Few extremely lucky people have seen this elegant butterfly, but when they do, the female is so striking with her orange band that one never forgets her beauty.

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