An End to Bullying Starts with Me

June 12, 2017
By Alexonegoal BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Alexonegoal BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Bullying is an intentional aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of power and strength. When it comes to bullying I feel like it should be left out of the school environment completely. Kids shouldn’t have to go to a place where they aren’t treated equally because this could cause a lot of stress for a kid at a young age, which could lead them down the wrong path and maybe discourage them when it comes to school.

As a kid almost everyone has been through some type of bullying experience. When I was a kid I was made fun of for not having the certain material or not looking like everyone else and I feel like bullying takes away from some kids actually being able to have a good childhood. When someone is bullied it distances them from having confrontation with others. This could be a long term effect, not being able to communicate with your peers at a young age can isolate you in the future from wanting to talk to people, and that’s just one possible outcome of bullying. Bullying could lead a kid to commit suicide, this outcome is the worst outcome possible. When it comes to this point I feel like kids should have someone they could go to talk to that could make them feel better about themselves. On the website it says that parents should model empathy, tolerance and respect in their actions and communication to influence the attitudes and behavior of the children. If you really think about it when you talk a certain way around your kids, they pick that up and use it around other kids. You might think that your kids won’t talk like you if you tell them to but in reality they will start to behave the same way you do.

Kids should be taught at a young age how to talk to people in a positive way. Parents should teach their kids that it’s okay to be different or not be set to the same advantages. A solution that I’ve thought of to make this happen is a program that bring parents together and kids together. This program would make a huge difference because if you think about it if the parents are good friends with each other it would make it way easier for the kids to get a long. Not only will it make it easier for kids to get along it can bring a kid and his parents closer together and when a kid is really close to their parent it’s really hard not to tell the parent what’s going on in their school life.

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This is part of a teen activist project in my school.

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