A Shattered World

June 10, 2017
By claire.tran1910 BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
claire.tran1910 BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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 Is it wrong to want to live in a world of justice?
I mean, there is no such thing as perfection... But is it possible for our world too be significantly less... problematic?

We can't blame individual people, or even groups of people, for that matter. We are all responsible. Not just because 'we are all humans', but because to be realistic, as long as you are still living in a house, driving a car, or even just throwing away trash every day,  you are adding to the dirty pile. I, too, am no exception. But it's inevitable, isn't it? Yes. Maybe we can't stop it fully, but we can decrease it.

I don't - I can't - put an end to all problems. I just want to stop them from increasing at a rapid speed.

Many of our problems come from deep within ourselves. They are mental, spritiual,  and mostly concern human rights and emotions. I, along with people all around the globe, have a deep hatred for the shallow, selfish people who care nothing for the future or their own kin and chase after the money before their eyes. They are drug dealers, human traffickers, and even corrupt officials who are thought to be respected and righteous.

I'm sure that you, too, want to live in a world where people actually care about each other. Even animals do not kill, abuse, and make each other slaves. We are humans. We were created to rule and are supposed to be the most sensible of all living things. Then why did we turn out to be the most messed up?

A world with ugly, crippled, foul-smelling people who are good at heart is ten times more beautiful than a Barbie-doll world with fake smiling dolls who one minute praise their friends and the other minute stir up plans to push said friends down behind them.

If there was ever a perfect world (which I highly doubt), I would go there. No, not to live, but to learn from it. Then, I will return to this beautiful yet broken world and fix it.

I will help mend a chaotic world into a more peaceful one. And maybe that sounds like a meaningless lie and may seem too ambitious to be possible, but everything's worth a try.

You with me?

The author's comments:

One day, I opened a newspaper website to find it covered with troubling topics such as corruption in the government, abused children, sexually harassed women, and heavy pollution in many countries. These angered me to a point that it made me immediately exit my browser, open up Word, and type this piece of opinion to let out my feelings. I know we're teenagers, but it doesn't mean we can be ignorant of these world problems and leave them to authorities as their responsibility.

Recall that I said I wrote this in anger, so if my points seemed to harsh or illogical, feel free to give your own opinion nicely instead of bashing. Thanks.

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