June 1, 2017
By CyberBullying BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
CyberBullying BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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Students who are aged from 11-15 years of age, say that they have been cyberbullied and the police aren’t doing anything about it. Cyberbullying is a very bad issue because teenagers or young adults may end up committing suicide.

One reason why I think cyberbullying is bad is,”14% of girls and 15.5% of boys say that they get bullied more than once.” This is bad because usually girls are the worst target for cyber bullying, but the text says that boys are a target instead of girls being a target of cyberbullying.

The second reason of why cyberbullying is bad is, “42% of the LGBT youth have experienced cyberbullying. This is bad because just because someone is part of the LGBT community, doesn’t mean that you have to be bullied over the internet and be called names because you're different than everybody else.

The third and final reason of why cyberbullying is bad is because the text states, “cyberbullying has also been linked to delinquency and violence, ;substance abuse, possession of weapons on the school grounds.” This is bad because cyber bullying doesn’t just happen online, it can happen anyway, anytime, and anywhere.

Someone would say that the government is doing enough to stop the cyberbullying. I both the federal and state governments, have a role in terms of educating local school districts about what cyberbullying is and what they can do about it, to help prevent it from happening. However, I think this wrong because there has been many cases of cyberbullying that are really bad that they lead to horrible things like suicide.

In Conclusion, Students who are aged 11-15 years of age, say that they have been cyber bullied and the government isn’t doing anything about it. Cyber bullying is a very bad issue because teenagers or young adults may end up committing suicide.. So, basically , my points are trying to explain is that everyone gets bullied in their lives, but it doesn’t need to go so far that the teens or young adults need to commit suicide. So this piece is trying to tell people to stop cyberbullying and to help out more instead of ignoring people who actually need help.

The author's comments:

So, what inspired me to write about cyber bullying is that there are a lot of people i know that are getting cyber bullied and its mostly girls but boys are a better target tan girls. But i still think that it should be stopped by the government

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