Black Lives Matter

June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Look outside, look around we have a problem in this world that is not going away, black lives are being taken and there rights are being decreased.  I know it's hard to talk about and people think its a joke but it is really happening and people aren't noticing. The riots that are happening are getting out of hand, if they are gonna protest they need to do it peacefully and make a stand.


In the 1960s Martin Luther king jr held peaceful protest to let the people know that this kind of behavior needed to stop and intact it helped the rights for both black and white people.  My claim is that blacks need to protest but it needs to be in a peaceful manner so the get there point across and here is an example of how back then they protested “ Dr king believed that nonviolent protest is the most effective weapon against racism”. This shows my claim because it shows how nonviolent protest worked the best.


Another example of how black lives matter protest need to be nonviolent for it to make an effect is “The black lives matter movement has caught National attention after the deaths of 5 police officers”. This shows that these protects are are way too violent because you can't start killing to get your point across.


The last example of how the riots for black lives matter need to be less violent for them to get there point across “ Martin Luther King was one of the people who stopped racism in a nonviolent way”. This proves my point because Martin was one maybe best at ending the racism war and with his nonviolent protest he obviously got his point across.


In my opinion the black lives matter protest need to be less violent because things like innocent people dying and things being broken. People like Martin Luther King did nonviolent protest and they got their point across, so today we need to step up and improve our protest so we can make a change in this world.

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