Should the Right to Bear Arms Be Banned?

June 1, 2017
By Mr.Dylan BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Mr.Dylan BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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Should guns really be banned? Most people say that owning guns is a bad thing or people shouldn’t own guns, because of high violence rates in the USA. The government thinks banning guns in the USA will lower violence rates, that’s not true. According to, gun violence is only at 62% in the US, there is still that 48% of non gun violence. If we want to stay safe, instead of banning firearms, we should make stricter laws on guns. Therefore the government should not ban firearms.

Guns shouldn’t be banned because people can use other weapons such as knives, metal bars, gasses, etc… According to a study taken in 2010 shows that there were about 6,009 deaths in the US throughout the year. The graph also shows that more than 1,700 deaths happened using a knife or blade. Also other unknown weapons used were less than 4,000 deaths using an unknown weapon. This shows that all weapons should be banned, not just guns.

Another reason guns shouldn’t be banned is because other weapons could be used such as a knife. A 2012 study proved that about 30% of deaths happened using a knife. Gun use was just under 50% of deaths caused, so if guns were banned, knifes would take the spot of guns. According to the gale website, guns are high risk but knifes or other sharp weapons aren't far behind. So this proves that knifes or other sharp weapons could be on the kill list.

Finally, How could people protect themselves from wildlife if they attack us, also if someone gets ahold of an illegal gun and goes on a kill spree? If you were to get attacked by a wild bear, how could you protect yourself? A knife if you’re lucky but most likely you will get killed. If a person gets ahold of an illegal gun, no one can protect themselves, even cops. So whatever you do, DON’T BAN GUNS, AND STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!

You might say, so guns are still dangerous and people all around the world get killed daily. But guns can be good, but if in the wrong hands than yes I would consider them dangerous. You might also say, well people get killed and sometimes police can’t trace the gun, if people have to register the bullets then people won’t kill as much, and the bullets can be traced back to the owner. Finally what about wildlife, what if you don’t want wildlife to get killed? The police can put a law out for leaving wildlife in pease. So there you have it, I think guns shouldn’t be banned.

Although not banning guns will keep people safe, but also if in the wrong hands, it can be bad. Using guns isn’t the only thing to kill, knives and gasses could also be used. Also banning guns won’t stop murders, in my opinion, we will have to wipe everything off the face of the earth. Finally, no one can protect themselves very easily if guns are banned. So take action!!, don’t ban guns or you may not ever be safe again.


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