June 1, 2017
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Sweatshops. Do you think they are acceptable? In sweatshops, people are forced to work in factories for many hours a day, but do not earn enough money to live a sustainable living. There are many sweatshops around the world. There are many products made in sweatshops such as, toys or clothes. In my opinion sweatshops are not acceptable and the conditions need to improve because they are inhumane.   

Did you know people working in sweatshops experience very unpleasant conditions? First of all, workers in sweatshops do not get paid a lot of money for the work they do. In some countries workers get paid under two dollars per hour.  In most countries workers get paid less than one dollar per hour. Also the environment in sweatshops can be very harmful and unhealthy. They use many chemicals in the sweatshops that can harm the adults and children. In some sweatshops people may get hit or mistreated. In many sweatshops people work for very long unreasonable hours, sometimes even 60 to 90 hours a week.

In sweatshops all around the world some children are forced to work.  There are more than 200 million children working in sweatshops. Most children work in Africa and Asia.  A lot of children in sweatshops do not get to live out their childhood because some children are not allowed to see their families and some are not being educated because they are always working in sweatshops. Sweatshops also take advantage of these children because they do not know how this work is hurting them or because the sweatshops need children to do certain types of jobs. Children have been kidnapped sometimes and taken to sweatshops to work. Finally Child Labor laws have been broken. These laws have been broken because of the hours children have worked, the wage the children are working, and the age that children are working at. Many of the children working in sweatshops are about five to fourteen.  Children working in sweatshops is not fair.

  Do you think that it is acceptable that companies take advantage of the poor who are desperate for any money they can get? There are many people that work in sweatshops in developing countries that are desperate for money and they will try to support their families, even if they are working in these horrible conditions. Some sweatshops take away holidays so that they cannot see their families. Some children work in these sweatshops to help out their families because they need extra money. I believe that it is unfair to treat people this way.  
On the other hand some people might think that, sweatshops are okay because the people working in the sweatshops are still making money and they still have a job. Even if the workers in sweatshops are making money it definitely is not enough to live a sustainable life. Some of the chemicals can be harmful to the adults and children working there. Also the reason that so many companies buy products from sweatshops is that since the workers are making so little money the sweatshop companies can sell their products much cheaper than products not made in sweatshops. However in my opinion people should try to make an effort to shop less at stores and companies who buy their products from sweatshops.

In conclusion sweatshop conditions are inhumane and need to improve. I think this because sweatshop workers are poorly treated, child labor laws are broken, and adults and children are taken advantage of. I believe that this issue needs to be improved.        



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