Child Abuse

June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever stopped to imagine one day you are sleeping after watching many horror movies and those movies become true? Let's say you wake up to someone touching you in places even you are concern to touch, not just that but you also don't like or/and want that person to touch you. I know it sounds horrible but that is the reality for some people, some people's abusers are even intermediate family members such as grandparents, parents or even older siblings. If you would like to know more about those people and how justice is almost never made to those poor souls who got violated stick around and see some facts proving that our government doesn't give proper punishment to child abusers or even abusers in general.

One reason support my claim is that child abusers or abusers in jail don't get proper time in jail. Here are three facts to support my reasoning
An average child abuser only gets 3 in jail depending on the sentence you can get a higher time but most of them get up to 3-6 years I know of stories of people that one of them got 2 years in jail and he raped a 7 year old on her sleep.

Think they should be put to death since they took a life away, research show that non abused people have a 6% suicide attempt rate, physical 17%, sexual 14.8%, and both combined 32.2%. Usually the more often it happens the higher is the risk, if it was an intermediate family member the risk was higher.

10% of kid in the USA are abused as a kid.

These facts supports my claim because if the government gave proper time in jail or even death sentences they would think twice before doing such thing to children.

Another reason that I believe proves that child abusers don't get proper punishment is that they never get caught because the government does not invest on missions to catch predators, and people don't always testify against them. Here are three reasons I believe that
Only 30% of sexual abuse gets reported to the authorities
FBI has said that 1/10 child abusing is reported and gets law enforcement

An average child offender will offend 200-400 time before getting caught, if ever caught or testified against
These facts show how if our government invested more on those catch predator mission this wouldn't be happening and these predators would be in jail but what would it matter been in jail if 2 years later they will be out of there

A third reason as to why I believe that our government doesn't give proper punishment to child abusers is they go to jail and when they get out they go back to abusing. Here are three facts to support my reasoning
2.5% of child molesters get re arrested  for rapping kid after getting out of jail, then there is a about 13.4% of them who go to jail for robbery and go back to robbing after jail

More people could have been raped or abuse by those sex offenders after they  get out of jail since research shows that people who have been convicted of molesting move more frequently, and also to areas where they are not aloud to such as areas near schools, and parks, places where children are frequently found at
After getting out of jail the ones who re rape and get caught are 40% of the time in the first year then dropping to 2.5 after 3 years

These facts support the claim and reasoning because if the punishments were harsh on those monsters they would think twice before rapping again not just that but if like in my opinion the right thing to do is death sentence or life sentence they would never be able to do that again

Some people believe 3 years is plenty of time in jail for child abusers, i went around and asked 7 of my friends what they tough and i was surprised by their answer only 3/7 agreed with me “i think the people who do that are monsters and they deserve to die or get the same treatment they did to the kid done to themselves” said one of my friends who has already suffered from abusive treatment from one of her classmates “i think it’s good enough time, think of it if it were your father who ‘banged’ some other person how would you feel with” argued one of my friends who i will have to disagree with. I think they are wrong because in three years in jail i personally wouldn't change a bit i think if i commited a crime i would most likely do it again if my only consequence was 2 years in prison i think they should be put to death since they take lives away, researchers from the web site 11 facts about child abuse found out that 4 kids die everyday because of child abuse. Some might also say the programs after prison helps them research show only 40% total of both after and during prison rehabilitation program users were cure, that's great but what about the other 60% sick monsters out there?

In conclusion today if you don’t take a stand, if you don’t help me on this battle against the government I won’t be able to make a change you might think your voice doesn’t have a change but our voice, the voice of all, or the majority, of the american population and the american citizens can make a change and punt an end to this and become a country with a lower rate of kids been abused together we can fix the problem of the government not giving proper punishment to child abusers.

The author's comments:

I always though about how some kids suffer from child abuse and how the abusers get punished, after my reasherch iI found out that they don't get properly punished on my opinion.

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