Legalize Longboarding

May 30, 2017
By DylanBaca BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
DylanBaca BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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As of the moment longboards are not legal. That is right you heard me correctly.

But, why aren't they legal? They are dangerous and destructive. Or that's what uneducated people say at least. The truth is that they are completely stereotyped. Longboards should be legalized for many reasons including safety, efficiency, and recreational sport.

For those who not know what a longboard is think skateboard but longer. But there are many key differences between the two. They may be similarly shaped but there uses are almost opposite to each other. Skateboards are known for being used by reckless teens and destroying property. Longboards may be used by reckless people as well but you can't control who gets on one. Longboards are longer than regular boards. This means that they are heavier than most skateboards. Longboards are so big and heavy that it is nearly impossible to get off the ground without picking it up. Since longboards can't leave the ground they can't do areal trick that cause damage to the surroundings.

Longboards have many recreational uses. Transportation is a very big use for longboarders. People can't always afford gas money and other people would rather commute on foot. Longboarding solves both of those issues along with others. Longboarding is very efficient mode of transportation for in town commutes as well as a fun way to get around with your friends and/or enjoy the outdoors. Longboards are long and heavy to keep their momentum. The big wheels and heavy frame means more weight. more weight means more momentum and me efficiency. They're tight turn radius also means weaving between object and out of hazardous situation is more possible than ever in commuting history.  They are also already know for competitions. Companies sponsor riders like any other company the only difference is that you can get sponsored and race for those companies. You can't tell me that isn't a child's dream. Longboarding is an extreme sport. Streets have to be closed for these races to reduce risk of collision with vehicles. Downhill longboarding is almost a completely separate monster. A combination of skill, math, precision, and speed create the downhill division. Lots of kids aspire to be professional longboarders but have a hard time getting there because every time a wheel touches asphalt a police's  ninja senses tingle. If longboarding was legalized kids could stove for the profession they want along with have some fun while they're at it. Along with this it's a full body work out. you have to use your core muscles it maintain balance and kicking. you also use your arms to keep balance and your thighs and calfs to kick and dip your body to keep a low center of gravity this means you are mid squad most of the ride. It has been proven to strengthen bones in your feet and ankle as well.

Despite common beliefs longboards are actually one of the safest modes of transport. Unlike bikes the longboard does not leave the ground of loss of traction. You also aren't attached to it in any other way besides friction allowing easy dismount in emergencies. People will argue well you only face one direction leaving 250 degrees of blind spots. This isn't true because since you aren't mounted on it you can pivot your whole body to look in any direction without turning by accident like bikes. This means that there are no blind spots. Longboarding is a very safe way to travel. In 2005 786 deaths included bike while only 9 were on longboards.

If longboarding were legal there would still be laws for them in order to insure safety.  Such as, no middle-of-the-street riding to ensure no car crashes. Longboards should be able to you half the street going with traffic and when there is a visible car they should move to the bike lane. Motorized longboards should stay illegal because you would have to strap yourself in and strapping yourself to a gas tank is extremely dangerous. Simple laws would lessen collision rate.

Now you understand the differences between a skateboard and longboard. Hopefully this means you understand why longboarding should be legalized. If we can legalize longboarding we can make so much out of it.

The author's comments:

I think it is unfair to longboard enthusiasts to have their hobby be illegal.

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