Domestic Violence: Is This an Issue?

May 30, 2017
By , Riggins, ID

The definition of domestic violence is stated as “violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.” Domestic violence has always been a problem world wide.  In the National Football League, the players are often stereotyped as “wife beaters”. Not only in the NFL, but people in everyday life should have the same legal consequences for domestic violence.


The National Football League domestic violence policy ranges between a few different punishments. The punishments include suspension, community service, fines, and even banishment from the league. The consequences for domestic violence in everyday life are typically determined by the severity of abuse. The NFL and other professional sports are influential on children and teenagers, so like other ordinary people, NFL players should receive the same consequence. In other words, people should have the same consequences no matter the person.

When conducting some research of my own, I asked a few questions of both adults and teenage students. Out of 80% of the people who responded, 46% said that they have either been a victim or knew someone who is a victim of domestic violence. Furthermore, 70% agree or slightly agree that domestic violence is a problem in the NFL. In addition to this survey, over 40% of the respondents said that the punishment should be “banishment from the league”. As well as these numbers, one respondent included a comment stating, “banishment plus fine, and community service.” These may not even be enough of a punishment for people who commit these crimes.
There have been numerous accounts of domestic violence in all professional sports. In fact, 48% of the crime committed in the NFL is domestic violence. When thinking about these cases, two come to mind, Ray Rice from the Baltimore Ravens and Major League Baseball player, OJ Simpson. Ray Rice was caught on video knocking out his fiance in the elevator. The judge dismissed his charges. He then received a fine of $125 and anger management counseling, according to The White Bronco. While he did not receive punishment in the NFL, he was not resigned by any teams. This goes to show that not only it is okay to physically harm your partner, but that you will not receive punishment because of it. Although OJ Simpson was a Major League Baseball player, his case was quite different. Simpson was arrested on the account of murdering his wife. The judge dismissed these charges as well after the trial. While these are only to cases, there are numerous cases that have happened and will continue to happen if this situation is not handled properly.

Domestic violence is an issue worldwide and even with much awareness, people will always be a victim. With strict consequences and punishments, the violence rates in the NFL might go down. If people are more aware of this situation, the rates as a whole would go down. The NFL and other professional sports are influential on children and teenagers, so the people, as well as others, should have the same punishment. If these situations are not handled properly, this will forever be an ongoing issue.

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