May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Do you ever go out in public and not see someone on their cell phone? Me neither, and in society, the amount of people I see on their phones is ridiculous. In the world we live in today, things are always changing. New devices, machinery, equipment, etc. are being developed. Technology has had a huge impact on America in many positive and negative ways. Technology in the dictionary is defined as “The purposeful application of information in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services, and in the organization of human activities.” Many great minds of the world have developed ground breaking technology throughout history. This is to make the world a better place, but in some ways it is also changing our way for life for the bad.

Some good ways that technology is helping Americans is that it is providing us with a simpler way to do something and can make our life easier. Some examples of that is computers, phones, military weapons, hospital technology and industrial equipment. Computers and phones make it easier to communicate, whether it's for work, or just talking to someone long distance. These companies are always creating new and better products than the last ones. This is so they can compete with their competitors and make the better product. Granted that it may not always be better, and can be bad. They may make a more advanced product, but the advancements in technology can lead to more social problems. People used to talk face to face; nowadays it's from behind a screen. Many issues come from social technology, for example cyber bullying, miscommunications, and hackers can hack your information to steal stuff from you.  It also can cut us off from going outside and having fun in the nice weather, like people used to do when this technology wasn't around. Kids these days would rather sit inside and play video games, and watch television. I see more and more kids attached to their phones, iPod, iPad, video games and other electronic devices. This is bad for society; this is making kids lazier and less active. Maybe you many have a social life, but why not socialize face to face. Society needs more people outside enjoying the weather. This technology should be used but to a certain extend.

On the other side of the coin, technology that is useful is medical technology. Any technology that can do with saving lives and curing diseases. Many doctors are working hard to come up with new technology to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more viscous diseases that kill millions each year. Admittedly, they use computers, phones, and iPad in a good way for their technological research. One cannot argue with that technology is also taking jobs away from people. They have created technology that can do the job of a person faster, and it doesn't need to be paid, so why pay someone when it can be done for free.

Other ways technology is used for is in the design process of many technologies. They use past technology to make future technology. For example, they design cars, trains, buses, and bikes on a computer. They used modern technology to help design new products that can help in the future. Industrial equipment was and still is a huge part of history in America. The industrial revolution was right here in New England. Many people designed factories, and factory equipment that helped shape our future. For example, Henry Ford design and created the first car. More cars and other automotive vehicles have been design today because of one man.

Technology is a huge part of our nation's history, and continues to grow each and every day. Grated it can help make our lives easier; one can argue that it also can be harmful to society. For the most part technology with always be helpful. It helps with everyday things, like writing a paper about technology, research, times, dates, and so much more. Technology will continue to do amazing things, and will be a part of America growing. Though Memorial day weekend reminded me of a life without technology. We had to finish up nature journals this weekend and being without technology was kind of fun. Just being outside with family and friends was a blast. We played a lot of games and I fished and all that time I went without technology.

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