I Believe Everyone Lies

May 26, 2017

I believe that everyone lies.

Lying is a way of life for everyone, 90 percent of children by the age of four have already learned to lie. It is built into our society. What would the world be if lying did not exist?

Everyday conversations consist of lying. The conversation starts with a question, “How are you today?”. This question may be simple, but also shows how lying plays a part of everyday life. The first lie is told by the person asking the question. This person really doesn't want to know or care to know about your well being. But, it is polite to ask while socializing in today’s society. The second lie is the response, any normal person would answer with either the stereotypical “I’m okay” or “fine”. This response is a lie, society has programed the people to not state underlying problems to lessen the burden of others.

Imagine today’s society if everyone had an immediate change to be completely honest with each other. It would be complete chaos: relationships would be damaged, it would show everyone's true ignorance, Asian parents would actually be nice to their children. It would be completely bizarre. The honesty would leave a portion of Earth’s population severely depressed. I think that people would not be able to handle the pain of the truth, so I would assume they would just take the easy way out. People lie to keep Homo sapiens sane.

People lie to themselves, to others, and about others.

I know that I lie to myself constantly. I lie about the kind of person I am. From the way I present myself to the world to my different personas that I have created, so that people would finally enjoy my presence. I lie to hide my self consciousness and lack of confidence. Everyone lies to themselves in some way, shape, or form. People lie to themselves to increase their self esteem. If everyone was completely honest with themselves then we would have a world that is so realistic, they would be afraid to be ambitious.

People lie to others. Constantly, trying to make themselves look better so they can impress others. By creating imaginary stories or memories to make themselves look more interesting. People care about the way others interpret them and people are self conscious and sensitive about this. People lie to protect their feels from other people.

People lie about others to make themselves feel better than most. They create lies about others such as, others lack of abilities to do things, negative situations and events that never happened, or even physical features. People create lies around them, so they don’t feel as bad about themselves or feel better in comparison.
But, lying is not always bad. A ‘kind’ lie is a lie that is used to lessen the negativity of a truth. These ‘kind’ lies are like desserts at a party. Sweet little lies that people want, but not necessarily need. This sweet lie is used towards people that do not want to or are mentally not able to listen to the complete truth. So, people try to lessen the affects of the truth by ‘sugar coating’ or making a situation sound better than it actually is by lying.

I believe that lying is a natural thing that everyone does. It is a social barrier to make things less awkward and make people feel better about themselves.

I lie, you lie, he lies, she lies, we all lie. And the complete reason for lying is we all are selfish and want the best for ourselves,  that is why we all lie.

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