This I Believe

May 25, 2017
By , Lihue, HI

I believe that the people around us are our biggest influences we’ll ever have. I also believe that the relationships we hold with people are the most important things we’ll ever have. I believe that without the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with up to this point, we wouldn’t be ourselves and we wouldn’t be here. From the second we are born, till we’re 6 feet under, we’re surrounded by different people with different stories and personalities. Though defined as individuals, we have never been alone on this world and we never have been. I believe everyone should know that.

While growing up, we’re guided by not only our friends and families, but everyone. Everyone who’s crossed your path in some form rather it be direct or indirect has helped to create the path you’ve been walking to this date. This in-progress path is your path of life; with each brick being an interaction you’ve had.

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the materials of my path; identifying key points and events that have gotten me here. A couple months ago while evaluating life, a friend of mine had ran me across the butterfly effect, a concept that suggests that small causes have large effects. He’d insisted that everything happens for a reason and that everything that happens has had some form of huge impact on my life -- even if it wasn’t on the surface. Okay, the direction and flow of this part of my essay wasn’t very good, however the point is very apparent; everything happens for a reason and we should stay content with it as we wouldn’t be here as we are today without them.

Although it may sound like a carbon copy of every other story, I’d been severely depressed around a year ago. I’d truly hit what I’d believed to be rock bottom. I had pushed away everyone who had ever remotely cared about me, I had lost motivation for literally everything, and I’d dabbled with death. After weeks of thought and contemplation, I had become enlightened on the problem; I had no one. Through this self-revelation, I had made it my own personal mission to help anyone who needs it; kind of unrelated to the whole anecdote but, yeah.
I don’t believe that anything related to these beliefs of mine that comes in a formal presentation will ever, truly encompass my feelings presented to the audience. I’m just so strongly moved by the thought of love for everyone, at the very least neutrality. I believe that the ones truly closest to you are the most important things in your life and you should never take them for granted. They’ll be there in your lowest times to console you and cheer for you in your highest of achievements. I, myself, could not see how miserable of a life I’d have without my friends or anyone. Everyone has value, and this, I believe.

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