rewarding kids

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Do you like being rewarded with trophies when you achieve something? We all know that being rewarded is always a good feeling and all kids love it. Some like to say that people reward kids too much, rewards are very important for many things but they aren't always the best for us.  I feel as if parents do give too many rewards because it will cause children to think they are always going to win , it will cause the child to underperform in the long run, and it will cause a lot of conflict between the children who didn't get one.

To start, kids need to know that it is okay to lose. Losing is a good thing. Though it is not always fun, it can help kids be mentally stronger. If everyone wins then they won't know how it feels to lose because everyone is going to come across something that isn't right for them. If we reward only the kids who deserve it, it will give the child a chance to know what it feels like to not always get what we won't and that's what we need more of in the world.

Secondly, if a child knows that he or she is going to get a reward anyways then they won't push to be their best. A child will always do better if they have to fight or compete for it, yet they are still just getting handed them. Getting a reward shows that you earned it by something you have been working hard on so it isn't fair to those who get the same thing as someone who doesn't put their effort into it. Rewards are to show that people are proud of what you accomplished not for something you just showed up to.

Lastly, giving out all these rewards can cause a lot of conflict and jealousy. Everyone will get rewarded for something, but nowadays, children get rewarded for everything they do no matter if it's good or bad.  Kids tend to get jealous really easy, if everyone gets rewarded there will be more kids likely getting more rewards than others even if they didn't do anything.  Conflict can come from the factor of one child working harder but getting the same reward as a child he hardly worked. If it was me I would feel like it was a waste of my time to put my all into it.

Some may argue that giving children rewards constantly is a good thing. They claim that it will show the child they are proud of what they did; However, the child will not improve on whatever they are working on. Giving the child a reward for anything teaches them that they did something good but that is not always the case. Children need to know that not everything is going to go there way and some things may not turn out how they planned. Michael Gonchar stated, “it's through failure that we learn the most”. I highly agree with that statement.

To conclude, children need to be rewarded less because it will lead children to thinking they will always win, it will cause children to underperform, and last but not least it can be a good cause of conflict and jealousy. Rewards are always something to look forward to in life but that will fade if we continue treating them like this.

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