Animal Testing

May 21, 2017
By isdaman BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
isdaman BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Animal testing has been around since the Bc times, so that new medical practices could be learned. Animal testing is a crucial part of creating new medication to fight diseases and illnesses. Without animal testing almost all the medication we have today would not exist and the common cold or flu could be very serious and life threatening. Many argue it is cruel to animals yet they don’t know that they are treated very well and all of the testing is done in the most humane way possible. We need to continue testing even though it may not be pretty it is necessary.

To begin animal testing is responsible for massive portions of medication made. Over 92% of all drugs that are produced go through animal testing (FCA). This statistic is staggering and shows that without animal testing only 8% of the drugs we have today would be around, imagine how serious a common illness or disease could be.  According to a study done by the WHO (world health organization) that without animal testing that the average rate of Death would increase by 40-60% and that new medication would take 3x longer to produce.  This further stresses the point and need for animal testing, the question that needs to be asked is do you believe that the life of a man, women, child, or baby is more important than that of an animal.

Next, the argument is made that animal testing is cruel and inhumane. Hundreds of organizations (peta) host protests to stop animal testing. The point Peta brings is that there are no laws that protect animals meaning cooperation can treat them as they like. However, there are tons of laws that protects animals constantly inspections are done by the FCA, AA, US DA. The laws included is the animal welfare act signed in 1966 specifically protects animals and there treatment. Even with these laws that you can clearly find the self-righteous hippies continue to protest but the all forget about one thing.  Animals are not used by people to just develop drugs but to make sure they are safe; this is even mandated by the government. Would you like to use medication that you are unsure what side effects could be. Finally put yourself in the shoes of millions of people, you have a loved one that is sick and in need of life saving medicine. Without animal testing they would never receive that medication and would die, do you truly care where that medicine comes from and how it was made? Debating animal testing is hopeless because it will never stop and without it we would see pandemics like the bubonic plague much more often.

Overall, our world needs animal testing. Hundreds of years ago, people had a dream of living long lives, not becoming ill, or losing loved ones. Without animal testing this dream could never be reached but with animal testing and the smart minds behind it, that dream could become a reality.

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this piece is to clarify misconceptions

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