Dysfunctional Attitude

May 20, 2017
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Learning to control your attitude is a very important matter. It is more important than everyone think it really is. There's many ways to learning how to control your attitude. There are also results, good and bad. I am one of the many who do not and still don't know how to control my attitude but I can say I'm learning as I grow.

First, if you have an attitude you are more likely to treat others wrong because you're full of different emotions. It could result in bad judgement and fewer friends. You will most likely not recognize causing hurt to others.

Next, expressing your feelings is like one of the biggest steps towards overcoming a bad attitude. Only express your feelings to someone you truly trust & it could take a lot of weight off of your shoulders. By weight I mean stress. Although you may not think much of expressing your feelings, it certainly has a good result.

I would like my audience to know that having a bad attitude could only result as a bad issue. Being angry all the time is not a good look. Again, I am one of the many who have experienced this so I know the feeling. If you are one of these people having complications with your attitude, you should talk more with a mentor or someone trustworthy & you could also continue reading my articles!

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