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May 10, 2017
By , clanton, AL


Work will be rewarded
Help those who need it
All people deserve respect


Everyone should have beliefs. Beliefs guide you through life. You have bad and good choices you can make everyday; beliefs should guide the choices you make. Beliefs motivate you to keep going. My three greatest beliefs are: people who work hard will be rewarded, people should help others who need it, and all people deserve respect.

I believe that all people who work will be rewarded because all hard work deserves to be rewarded. It is not possible for everything people do to be rewarded as they should. There probably wouldn’t be enough rewards to go around. The most important rewards that people can earn from their hard work are pride, leadership, and knowing that you have been a good example for others.

I believe you are supposed to help any one who needs help because sometimes people aren’t able to do the same things everyone else does. People who need help and don’t get it can become overwhelmed because stuff piles up, and they fall further behind. We can help others by being there for them when they need it. We can also help by doing things for people without them having to ask. If we all do our part helping others, it will make the world a better place.

I believe all people deserve respect because you can’t really expect to be respected if you don’t respect others first. Respect involves complimenting others and saying something kind to them. Respect involves good manners. Good manners are being respectful when you speak to people and doing what you are asked without being told. Respect is also encouraging people when they are down to cheer them up and make sure they don’t do something they might regret. Last, respect involves helping someone who needs it.

In the end, all hard should be rewarded, you should respect people, and you should help people when they need it. Beliefs are very important. They will help you become the person you should be if you follow them.

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