Imperfection Perfection

May 19, 2017
By , Clanton, AL

Society is constantly talking about the meaning of beauty the media and most of today's society make it out to be  Paperthin girls living in a Barbie world But when I see that stuff It makes me sick. Now What i wanna know is why you would want your little girl growing up in that kind of world. The true meaning of beauty isn't defined by your physical appearance but the true definition can only be found within oneself. We have people on the daily screaming for help because of the way they feel about themselves. Never good enough, unaccomplished, over or under weight. To fat to be beautiful and to skinny to be anything worth loving.  I really  wanna know what made the world so cold that teens turn to a number on a scale to determine our self worth. What in today's right mind thinks it's okay to continue to let this happen. How many more people have to die before we wake up and realize that what we say hurts and what we advertise on tv can make the world better or worse. People could step up and speak out because part of the reason teens feel that way is because of the false idea that you have to be perfect to be beautiful when truth be told no one is perfect and never will be. Some people look at a picture of someone and go "I wanna be her because she's so pretty and basically perfect" well when you say those things you don't know the person you are talking about. Their appearance doesn't make them beautiful it just adds on to the uniqueness and the true beauty of who they are in their hearts. I wanna know What kind of society are we living in? A very shallow one? Where idea of beauty that teens see today is perfection and perfection isn't possible so therefore the perfection you see on tv isn't real or one where we tell the world that the real beauty is in the uniqueness of our hearts and the flaws of our body. Because what makes us imperfect is what achieves beauty. Every little stretch mark, every scar, and pimple are all part of what makes us real and that's what's beautiful. What we often times shame ourselves for is the true beauty of who we are as individuals. Not the unrealistic mess of what people think beauty truly is. We act as if our physical appearance determines every aspect of who we are and that says a lot about today's society. The only thing that can determine who we are on the inside are ourselves. You see no ones perfect and you shouldn't expect yourself to be because if you do you'll always let yourself down. The idea of the perfect body, skin, and hair is computerized and always man made because no human-being is made pure perfect. If we were all as "perfect" as today's society makes people out to be then we would all be the virtually the same. Our differences and flaws are what makes us human and being human is what gives living the possibility to be an amazing experience that everyone deserves. My main point is simply this:PHYSICAL APPEARANCE DOES NOT DETERMINE BEAUTY AND I WANNA KNOW WHY PEOPLE THINK THAT IT IS OKAY TO THINK OTHERWISE AND TO LET OUR UPCOMING GENERATIONS DO THE SAME. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. When the idea of trying to achieve unrealistic beauty means more to us then the value of who we really are.

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